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Public Lab is excited to announce that the 2016 Regional Barnraising will be hosted in Val Verde, Los Angeles County, California July 9th and 10th!

What is a Regional Barnraising?

The Regional Barnraising is an annual event hosted by the Public Lab community. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, Regional Barnraising participants come together to test environmental monitoring tools in the field, develop new research projects, share out about environmental concerns, and develop strategies to address them. The event is hosted in an “unconference style.” This means that people join to participate and collaborate rather than just present, talk, and listen.

Who can join the Barnraising?

This event is open to everyone. Participants will include people from many interests and backgrounds including local residents with environmental concerns, technologists, designers, social scientists, and community organizers.

Sign me up!

Interested in joining? Great! We'll be posting the registration form soon, so stay tuned. In the mean time, we'll be talking about the event and planning it out in this google group. Join us::

Los Angeles metro area group: publiclab-la

Upcoming in 2016:

  • 2016 Barnraising: projected early November in Louisiana.

Learn more about our past Barnraisings:

About Regional Barnraisings: The first Regional Barnraising was held in Spring, 2014 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was a great way to draw new Public Labbers in, focus on regional issues and cater to people who are unable to travel to our yearly Barnraising in Louisiana.

Recognizing the growth of the Public Lab Midwest community, the second annual Regional Barnraising was held in the summer of 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Midwest projects such as hydrogen sulfide sensing, petcoke mapping and dust monitoring laid the groundwork for a fantastic and dynamic regional event. amish.gif

conferences barnraising list:plots-barnraising la