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Riffle-ito Rhapsody: More Data Auralization/Sonification

by lilybui almost 3 years ago | 3 | 3,773 | 9

This one is just for fun -- extending some more data auralization/sonification work from my origi...

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Certification of Open Sensors?

by lilybui almost 3 years ago | 1 | 2,087 | 2

On October 20, 2014, Creative Commons Science convened a workshop involving open hardware/softwar...

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Visualizing Riffle-ito data

by lilybui about 3 years ago | 0 | 2,928 | 5

I was inspired by Jeff Walker's [kayak deployment of the Riffle-ito](

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The RIFFLE Effect: Public Lab's New Pilot Water Monitoring Sensor Tool

by lilybui over 3 years ago | 1 | 1,796 | 3

Public Lab announces RIFFLE, a new pilot program and open sensor tool to monitor water qu...

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