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Organizer, director of community development, and co-founder. My role bridges place-based community organizing and internet-mediated peer production. Check out the highlights of our community's development and ongoing evaluation. For my emphasis on culture instead of rules, Will Ward has called me The Enforcer of Norms. Because the acronym for "have you considered sharing back?" (HYCSB) is not so catchy, other members of Public Lab have created these graphics to save me from repeating myself. Fair enough. Feel free to edit my impromptu Talk page, find me on twitter @lizbarry, check out my web 1.0 homepage, or go ahead and .

I like playing outside. Here's me flying stuff over New York City:


I often communicate online. Here's me in my lab:

For more excellent typing, watch Cindy

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Barnraising Newark 2018 run sheets

by liz 3 days ago | 0 | 45 | 1

Here's our run sheet leading up to the Barnraising and Crisis Convening:

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UC Berkeley research on pesticide exposure in youth

by liz about 2 months ago | 0 | 79 | 0

I just met Lisa Rico, a health educator at Natividad Medical Foundation who also works for the [C...

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Last coal plant in Chicago shut down

by liz about 2 months ago | 0 | 119 | 1

lead image from News from February 2018: After an 11 year struggle, Little...

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All Summer of Code convening Live Call

by liz 2 months ago | 11 | 208 | 2

Lead image from Dear Summer of Coders (students and mento...

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Evaluation: Listen4Good round two results

by liz 3 months ago | 0 | 120 | 1

In 2015 we began creating an evaluation framework for understanding more about Public Lab's con...

Read more has really improved since the BP Oil Disaster!

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 161 | 3

A heads-up from a visitor to OpenCall yesterday alerted us to the vastly improved http://www.mari...

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Create a run sheet + facilitator script

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 104 | 0

Here's the run sheet for the 2017 Annual Barnraising:

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Take a group photo at lunch of the main day

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 85 | 0

image from 2017 Appalachian Barnraising

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Make nametags for in-person events like the Barnraising

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 94 | 1

The lead image is a good example how to present a set of nametags: alphabetized and organized on ...

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Schedule grid for Appalachian Barnraising 2017

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 78 | 0

This was a small one! We only had a day and a half together, so we took advantage of this nice gl...

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Set up a schedule grid for an Open Space event

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 122 | 2

_lead image from the 2016 Annual Barnraising at LUMCON, Cocodrie, Louisiana with @klie, @gretchen...

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Signs for 2016 Los Angeles Barnraising

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 72 | 0

I drew the English lettering, and Val Verde residents translated and drew the Spanish letters!

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Signs for 2017 Appalachian barnraising

by liz 4 months ago | 0 | 71 | 0

I drew the signs for the 2017 regional barnraising "appalachian barnraising" :D

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Make Open Space signs for an event like the Barnraising

by liz 4 months ago | 4 | 152 | 1

_lead image from the 2015 Barnraising of the Open Space Technology signs that the group wrote in ...

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Convening diversity and inclusion initiatives across open source projects

by liz 5 months ago | 1 | 141 | 2

Mozilla is convening a diversity and inclusion working group across open source projects, and man...

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Updates from Staten Island Northshore Conservancy

by liz 5 months ago | 0 | 84 | 0

If we get another Sandy or another Irene, we’re gonna be in big trouble. Any area that already s...

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Grow kombucha leather (Parsons Healthy Materials Lab)

by liz 6 months ago | 1 | 218 | 1

[The Parsons Healthy Materials Lab][1] created this clearly illustrated, double-sided sheet of ma...

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Conversation on decentralizing data storage and mesh networks

by liz 6 months ago | 0 | 217 | 1

We had a great conversation last night at New America Foundation (here was the event posting http...

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Email is evolving - your input needed!

by liz 6 months ago | 0 | 117 | 1

For context, staff and some community members of Public Lab are in a long term conversation about...

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Could decentralization assist in handling personal health data?

by liz 6 months ago | 1 | 120 | 0

There are a few things i have in mind in asking this question, One, handling personal health d...

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article on vertical consolidation in for-profit scholarly research infrastructure

by liz 6 months ago | 0 | 138 | 1

_lead image from

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Grow kombucha leather

by liz 6 months ago | 0 | 207 | 0

By Oliver Kellhammer and [Parsons Sustainable Systems](https://courses...

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Distributed web + Data Together meetup today 4pm in NYC

by liz 7 months ago | 1 | 114 | 0

Here's a just-in-time invite for anyone to stop by the New Lab at 4pm today and hang out with fol...

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Risks to public comment

by liz 8 months ago | 3 | 166 | 1

Lead image by FRANK AUGUGLIARO for WIred, article linked below Public comment is a governme...

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LibrePlanet talk: Sharing strategies for welcoming newcomers into FLOSS projects: First-timers-only, list moderation, and more

by warren 4 months ago | 2 | 253 | 5

Hi all, I'm preparing for a talk with Liz Barry ( @liz) at LibrePlanet 2018 on Sunday at It'll l...

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Public Lab Code of Conduct

by Shannon about 2 years ago | 2 | 1,305 | 6

Update 9/2016, the Code of Conduct is live at this link: Last year...

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When is it OK to work with non-open components in open source work?

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 365 | 3

At Public Lab, perhaps more so than in other open hardware oriented communities, we're often remi...

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Stitching Images into Maps with MapKnitter

by warren over 1 year ago | 0 | 339 | 2

Once you have collected your images, you should set aside a block...

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Activity Categories

by gretchengehrke almost 2 years ago | 8 | 594 | 3

A bunch of people here in our community are interested in making our collective work more organiz...

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Plant Air Remediation Field Test #2 (Georgia)

by nshapiro almost 2 years ago | 6 | 2,107 | 5

This post is in collaboration with the community science practitioners of Silent Disaster, a g...

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An "open open hardware" development cycle

by warren over 2 years ago | 4 | 1,783 | 2

Greetings! Starting today, we're adopting a more open, but also more integrated development proce...

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2015 Web Working Group report

by warren over 3 years ago | 0 | 1,980 | 2

This quarter, we moved all major services into Rackspace hosting, taking full advantage of Pub...

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How can i manipulate kombucha leather?

liz asked about 6 months ago

Answers by liz

How is water turbidity regulated?

warren asked about 6 months ago

Answers by liz

Best PLab demo ideas for a large group?

pdhixenbaugh asked about 8 months ago

Answers by liz

Do you know examples of direct community environmental interventions?


gretchengehrke asked about 9 months ago

Answers by liz

answered on Oct 17, 2017 0

answered on Oct 17, 2017 0

answered on Oct 17, 2017 0

answered on Oct 17, 2017 0

answered on Oct 17, 2017 0

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How has pH testing evolved over time?

liz asked about 10 months ago

Answers by liz

What do the terms attainment and nonattainment mean?


liz asked about 12 months ago

Answers by liz

Unable to use back camera on an android phone

Vman asked about about 1 year ago

Answers by liz

Calculating volume from ground level photos?

warren asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by liz

What seeds sprout fastest?


warren asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by liz

How is stormwater regulated?


stevie asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by liz

Buggy spectral meter? Galaxy S7...

sirkubax asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by liz

Is there an iPhone app for foldable spectrometer?

CanfieldC asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by liz

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liz was awarded the Basic Barnstar by warren for their work published in Comment piece in Nature about peer review.

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