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About the event

The Barnrasing of 2014 was held at LUMCON in Cocodrie Louisiana in mid November. Over 50 people gathered at this event to share an awesome weekend of "doing stuff together." Here are some reflections on our Barnraising. Our tool hackin, community buildin, story tellin, boat trippin, kite flying, gumbo eatin heck of a good time!

  • The theme: "From the Field to Stories of Change"
  • Location: LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA
  • Date: November 14-16, 2014

Sessions we held




  • Lending Libraries -Will MacFarlane
  • Opensource Licensing @Bronwen
  • Research Theory and Story Telling @P_Silva_82, @ann
  • Fundraising @Becki
  • Web Developer/Mixing/Brainstorming @warren
  • Data Logging Sensors -Steve Hicks
  • Community Science and Storytelling - Nate Dappen
  • Water Quality Tools- Steve Hicks
  • Kits Initiative and the future of Incubation @Natalie
  • Gardening toolkit, Urban agriculture and Farm hack @Liz and Carla Green
  • Photo SynQ- Geoff and Robert
  • Wetland Canal Site Mapping @eymund
  • Low resolution maps Mapknitting @kgradow1
  • Spectrometry for food grade oil testing @ygzstc
  • RaspberryPi environmental servers - @dogi and RJ
  • Dust and Air Quality @stevie, @mathew


  • Instructional Posters @warren
  • Birdwatching @laurenrae
  • Tool upgrade paths
  • Crowd funding - Tristan
  • Infrared Photography @cfastie

Barnraising take aways/ Followups:

Photos we've collected

Goals we've set

  • Becki: Portland trial lending library with google form
  • Tristan: kite mapping in Norway
  • Scott: build a dustduino for Gulf Coast
  • Mathew: sustainable blackmail for PublicLab TV
  • Carla: bringing Public Lab to Newark NJ
  • Benjamin: connect to Petcoke group
  • Charlie: 3d printing air quality tools with an afterschool STEM program
  • Phil: coauthor a journal article (with anyone) about anyone using Public Lab tools
  • Katie: Public Lab winter holiday party
  • Cindy: Build UK Chapter
  • Melissa & Ann: CANADA
  • Don:
    • in person meetup in Boston on state-of-art DIY water quality
    • start series of short videos of "how I found Public Lab and what it means to me"
  • David: help PublicLabTV generate more content
  • Will: ReplicateMe tag / SciEd tag
  • Steve: connect his network to Public Lab
  • Bronwen: draft research guide to "grassroots research"