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I am a scientist.

I got interested in environmental science in high school and studied geology in college and grad school.

I think that it is important for everyone to to have a basic understanding of science. Science is powerful and should be accessible to everyone.

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Getting Started with the Riffle Beta Test

by ddileona over 2 years ago | 2 | 808 | 2

Last week I was on my way to a Public Lab depth sensor build and came home to find that I rece...

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Oil Testing Kit Beta Test

by ddileona almost 3 years ago | 0 | 637 | 3

I took these spectra for the Oil Testing Kit Beta Program at the end of last year with Stevie (@s...

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MapKnitter map of Mardi Gras Pass Aug 2015

by ddileona about 3 years ago | 1 | 2,331 | 2

<iframe src="https://mapknitter.org/embed/mardi-gras-pass-aug-2015" style="border:none" width="10...

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MapKnitter map of Stormwater Wetlands

by ddileona over 3 years ago | 3 | 1,078 | 1

Stormwater Wetlands project in City Park May 30, 2015 <iframe src="https://mapknitter.org/e...

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Spring Fling: Calibrating the Coqui

by ddileona over 3 years ago | 1 | 2,539 | 1

Hello again! I have more fun from the Spring Fling for you. We played with the Coqui, thought...

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Spring Fling: Building a Better Pole for Mapping

by ddileona over 3 years ago | 2 | 3,353 | 6

Hello! Today I'm going to walk you through the construction of a new pole for pole mapping. T...

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MapKnitter map of Bayou St John at Lake Pontchartrain

by stevie over 3 years ago | 0 | 1,415 | 1

<iframe src="https://mapknitter.org/embed/bayou-st-john-at-lake-pontchartrain--2" style="border:n...

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