Air Quality

Outdoor air pollution, in the most extreme cases, can be immediately identified even without any special training. It casts a haze over cities, collects on streets and buildings, and provides dramatic fodder for the news. But while high drama is often a prerequisite for news about air quality to be reported, the real story is the health impacts that occur even when the air isn't thick enough to see.

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MACA - Open AQ monitor - Second prototype

by nanocastro New Contributor about 1 year ago | 15 | 685 | 9

The MACA Open Air Quality Monitor project (Monitor Abierto de Calidad del Aire in spanish) star...

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[WIP] Step by Step: Build a fine dust sensor with Arduino (Beginners Guide)

by niklasjordan about 2 months ago | 2 | 231 | 2

In this manual I will explain step by step how to build your own fine dust sensor. Don't worry,...

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Copper Rod to Copper Sheet Discussion

by ErikHanley11 2 months ago | 0 | 146 | 1

This research note discusses the advantages of using copper sheets instead of copper rods as the ...

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Online Odor Log v1.0

by imvec 3 months ago | 19 | 225 | 3

To set a worldwide Online Odor Log using the [Odor Log 1.0](

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How CAFOS (Factory Farms) Are Plaguing North Carolina Communities of Color

by Zengirl2 11 months ago | 4 | 285 | 4

At the recent Appalachia Barnraising I connected with someone from the Tennessee Clean Water Netw...

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Odor Log 1.0

by imvec 4 months ago | 0 | 406 | 3

_"The most accessible and sophisticated environmental monitoring equipment is made available to m...

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Build a plant-based air purifier

by nshapiro over 1 year ago | 10 | 2,204 | 10

Domestic chemical ecologies have both many toxicant sources and many toxicant sinks. Formaldehy...

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List of electronic nose projects

by imvec 4 months ago | 3 | 229 | 2

To create a list of electronic nose projects. Mbed microcontroller: [A Compact and Low Cos...

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Visualize live sensor data with p5js and an Arduino

by warren 4 months ago | 7 | 535 | 2

(This is a draft!) I made a simple p5js sketch (read below) to live sensor data off of an Arduino...

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Registro de olores

by imvec 5 months ago | 0 | 202 | 2

Facilitar el registro y monitorización de eventos de malos olores a través de la recogida de dat...

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Python and openCV to analyze microscope slide images of airborne particles

by amirberAgain 5 months ago | 39 | 842 | 7

Following the Jan 9th air quality open call I wanted to see what can be done with a microscope sl...

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Formaldehyde Monitoring Open Call on Tuesday, January 16th at 3:00 pm ET

by nshapiro 5 months ago | 1 | 483 | 1

Hi Everyone, We are hosting an Open Call on Tuesday, January 16th at 3:00 pm ET, to discuss an o...

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Thoughts on Low Cost air quality sensors

by guolivar New Contributor 5 months ago | 2 | 692 | 6

This was prompted by a [question by warren](

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How to bootload a Riffle #Arduino #water #science #tech

by Zengirl2 6 months ago | 2 | 330 | 3

Perhaps you ordered a Riffle without Arduino installed, or maybe you uploaded some code that yo...

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How to Help Citizens Affected by Factory Farming? #waterquality #airquality #CAFO #factoryfarms

by Zengirl2 6 months ago | 0 | 310 | 3

The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) recently held ...

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Low cost sensor for air quality monitoring

by mprof9 New Contributor 8 months ago | 3 | 268 | 4

A brief description of what the project looks like, what the tool does and the results you can ge...

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Changes in factory pollution and asthma emergency department visits

by DrJessie New Contributor 8 months ago | 0 | 163 | 2

I'm thrilled to share a publication link on ambient air pollution and asth...

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Hydrogen sulfide badges by Morphix Technologies

by gretchengehrke 9 months ago | 1 | 179 | 0

Hi Folks! I just found these hydrogen sulfide passive samplers that are made by Morphix Technolog...

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Creating a guide for community science action planning: first steps

by gretchengehrke 10 months ago | 3 | 151 | 2

Over the next few months, we're hoping to put together an interactive resource for people to use ...

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Tim Dye's amazing timeline of the air sensor revolution

by liz 12 months ago | 0 | 156 | 0

above: a canary and a coal miner Visit this timeline at

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Issue briefing: ultrafine particle pollution from dehydrated biosolids

by liz about 1 year ago | 1 | 182 | 3

lead image: co-product being dumped onto agricultural fields Slaughterhouses, human waste t...

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by cguerin New Contributor about 1 year ago | 3 | 299 | 4

Understanding Before going into the design project, I first need to understand ho...

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EPA's Beta C-Tools - Community Tools for Modeling Near-Road or Port Air Quality

by Zengirl2 about 1 year ago | 1 | 234 | 5

I just attended a webinar today from the EPA demoing their [C-Tools software](https://www.cmascen...

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