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<div class="alert warning">We are in the middle of upgrading to a new Public Lab website! This can cause a little confusion, but bear with us during the transition.</div> ###Instructions For the time being, to join the Public Lab website, you must first register on the **old** site (PublicLaboratory.org), using the link below. **Then, you must return to this site, PublicLab.org, and log in here!** Let's go through that step by step: <div class="well"> <h3>1. Register</h3> <a target="_blank" class="btn btn-large btn-primary" href="http://publiclaboratory.org/user/register">Register</a> <h3>2. Come back to this newer, shinier site</h3> <a class="btn btn-large btn-primary" href="http://publiclab.org/login">Log into this site</a> </div> Please email web@publiclaboratory.org if you have questions!...

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