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Nick Shapiro is an Open Air Fellow at Public Lab. He is the lead researcher on Public Lab's "Where We Breathe" indoor air quality monitoring and mitigation project and is the lead researcher on a community air pollution monitoring project in the shale fields of northeast Pennsylvania. Nick is also a Matter and Materials fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. His work moves between the social science, the natural sciences and the arts.

For his doctoral work at Oxford, he tracked the quasi-legal resale of 150,000 chemically contaminated emergency housing units (FEMA trailers) as they were resold across the country using a medley of ethnography, analytically chemistry and GIS mapping. During his post-doc at Goldsmiths, University of London, Nick helped to develop a participatory design project aimed at monitoring the air quality impacts of unconventional natural gas extraction in northeastern PA. He moonlights as a woodworker.


Smartphone App for Residential Testing of Formaldehyde (SMART-FORM) Interim report

by nshapiro 19 days ago | 4 | 147 | 2

Below is the interum report of the NSF-funded SMART-FORM project, lead by Karen Dannemiller of Oh...

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Public Lab awarded NSF funding to help develop low-cost community formaldehyde monitoring technique

by nshapiro 11 months ago | 2 | 704 | 5

(Header image: A woman in Oklahoma attempts to document formaldehyde's effects on her son with he...

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Build a plant-based air purifier

by nshapiro 12 months ago | 4 | 1,346 | 8

Domestic chemical ecologies have both many toxicant sources and many toxicant sinks. Formaldeh...

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Plant Air Remediation Field Test #2 (Georgia)

by nshapiro about 1 year ago | 6 | 1,880 | 5

This post is in collaboration with the community science practitioners of Silent Disaster, a g...

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Where We Breathe Website Walkthrough

by nshapiro about 2 years ago | 5 | 1,576 | 4

For the past year-and-a-half @warren [Nicole Novak](

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Community formaldehyde monitoring at natural gas compressor stations, protocol and data sheet

by nshapiro over 2 years ago | 0 | 2,838 | 2

A group of residents in rural Pennsylvania is developing a community formaldehyde monitoring proj...

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Field Test of DIY formaldehyde testing and remediation kit

by nshapiro over 2 years ago | 5 | 4,048 | 16

As part of the Where We Breathe project of Public Lab we have been developing an inexpensive mean...

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DIY Formaldehyde Test Kit

by nshapiro almost 3 years ago | 60 | 14,342 | 9

I am in pursuit of an inexpensive means of testing formaldehyde levels down to very low levels...

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DIY Indoor Air Quality Remediation

by nshapiro almost 3 years ago | 13 | 5,389 | 9

Indoor air is routinely more polluted than the air of corresponding outdoor environments. This is...

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Can anyone help with weather station recommendations?


stevie asked about 3 months ago

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Question: Put some dustduino in africa

Softconcept_Africa asked about 12 months ago

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