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I had started my artistic work in 2002, and in 2012 I created Experimentações EletrOrgânicas [0], a nomad lab focused in the relation between people and the environment. Since 2004 I'm part of MetaReciclagem [1], a network focused in appropriation of technology. I'm one of the founders of Garoa Hacker Clube [1], the first hackerspace in Brazil, worked as tech manager at ecoLab, where InfoAmazonia [1] and Mapas Coletivos[2] projects where created, and now I'm coordinating Rede InfoAmazonia [3], a project that will use sensors to measure water quality in some places in Amazonia.

[0] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jze5rzDWbQQ [1] http://rede.metareciclagem.org/livro/english [2] http://garoa.net.br [3] http://infoamazonia.org [4] http://mapascoletivos.com.br [5] https://desafiosocial.withgoogle.com/brazil2014/charity/associacao-o-eco

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How we built an open source project to monitor water quality

by vjpixel over 1 year ago | 3 | 252 | 5

In December 2016, InfoAmazonia finished the first phase of a project to develop an open source de...

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Portuguese language mailing list

by vjpixel about 4 years ago | 53 | 1,881 | 4

Create a Portuguese language mailing list. There are some people from Brazil (and I hope...

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Rede InfoAmazonia

by vjpixel about 4 years ago | 9 | 2,026 | 6

The project will use environmental sensors connected via mobile networks to generate indicator...

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