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Public Lab's community collaboratively develops many different techniques and methods for DIY environmental monitoring. Browse many of them here and learn how to get involved.

Mãe d'Água

last edit by GSan 6 days ago | 42 | 5

The project Rede InfoAmazonia is developing "Mãe d'água - Water's mother", an open hardware to mo...

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Aerial Photography

last edit by warren 8 days ago | 42 | 3

This is an open source community effort to develop simple, low-cost aerial photography method...

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Photo Monitoring

last edit by stevie 8 days ago | 49 | 2

Photography is a powerful and affordable way to document all kinds of environmental issues. We'll...

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last edit by warren 9 days ago | 43 | 1

**WebJack is a wired, bidirectional data link between the Arduino Uno and your phone, establis...

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last edit by warren 3 months ago | 703 | 7

The Public Lab spectrometry project is an open source community effort to develop low-cost spectr...

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last edit by stevie 3 months ago | 49 | 16

The Coqui: a simple device to read a sensor via an audible tone. We're exploring using aud...

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Riffle: an Open Source Water Monitoring Approach

last edit by pdhixenbaugh 3 months ago | 143 | 15

The Riffle is a collection of designs that take an open source approach to water monitorin...

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Multispectral imaging

last edit by warren 3 months ago | 143 | 4

The Public Lab near infrared imaging project is an open source community effort to modify consume...

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Balloon & Kite Mapping

last edit by liz 6 months ago | 284 | 7

Our whole toolkit is linked out below, but really fast: [Assemble your own](/wiki/balloo...

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KAPtery Aerial Rigs

last edit by cfastie 10 months ago | 27 | 15

Chris Fastie designs and builds camera rigs for kite, bal...

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last edit by liz 11 months ago | 179 | 14

For measuring electrochemically active compounds and microbes in water. [![potentiostat_cell...

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Refinery Watching

last edit by warren about 1 year ago | 10 | 6

We are setting up 24/7 observation stations to monitor gas refinery flares. This is a pilot p...

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Thermal photography

last edit by Sara over 1 year ago | 118 | 9

Thermal imaging can be used to document heat/AC leaks from insulation gaps on a building's fac...

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last edit by Willie over 1 year ago | 209 | 84

DustDuino can help individuals with limited resources monitor PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations, ind...

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Pole Mapping

last edit by Natalie almost 2 years ago | 22 | 0

This page is under development, feel free to add! _Lead image from ht...

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Roomba Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

last edit by Shannon almost 2 years ago | 34 | 7

The current work on indoor air sensing through the Where We Breathe project is located here: http...

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Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing

last edit by HannahJane over 2 years ago | 71 | 2

Hydrogen sulfide, which is a well documented but little understood health hazard, is one of th...

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Fido - The Raspberry Pi based Temperature Alarm that sends text messages

last edit by rjstatic over 2 years ago | 79 | 1

Is your greenhouse getting frosty? How about too hot today? Is your fridge still on? Fido is a te...

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Particle Sensing

last edit by DavidMack over 2 years ago | 73 | 4

_(Photo: A man wearing a mask walks past the skyline of Singapore's business district Credit: Reu...

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Water Quality Sensor

last edit by Dana over 3 years ago | 261 | 1

Developed during the Water Hackathon on March 23-25 in New York City, the water quality sensor is...

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Air Column Monitor

last edit by liz almost 4 years ago | 17 | 1

Notes and pages related to this tool can be found by searching "<a href="http://publiclaboratory....

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Portable Energy Scavenging Kit

last edit by donblair about 4 years ago | 16 | 0

A lightweight, low-cost kit for collecting, storing, and providing energy -- off-the-grid. <...

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Home Testing for Endocrine Disruptors

last edit by liz over 4 years ago | 59 | 5

This tool is being developed to enable people to test sources of water for the presence of env...

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Balloon Telemetry Kit

last edit by mathew over 4 years ago | 24 | 2

This kit was created as a means to improve the georeferencing of images captured using <a href="h...

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Kite-Balloon Hybrid

last edit by mathew over 4 years ago | 103 | 2

A kite balloon combines a lifting gas with active lift structures like wings to fly in all condit...

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Stereo Camera

last edit by mathew over 4 years ago | 33 | 4

We started developing a stereo camera set-up so that we could capture two images simultaeously...

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