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Thanks for helping to make Public Lab's websites better! Here's how to report problems, bugs, questions, etc. about our various websites:

Where to report

Report issues (bugs, feature requests) for this website,

Report a issue on GitHub

Or, if you don't have a GitHub account, use this form to post your issue:

Report an issue

Site slow?

We have a performance monitoring system now installed to track slow load times on the site, courtesy of Skylight. Check this graph to see if it's a system-wide issue, or potentially related to your internet connection.

In this example below, see how the graph can spike into 20 or 30 second load times? That's a site-wide issue that may be affecting you (although in this graph, it's been resolved and the graph has returned to normal).


Existing reports

Here are issues reported by others:

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Spectral Workbench: Can't search (502 Bad Gateway) @dlwilson1a almost 3 years ago 4
We are having trouble with our map knitting @jerejack0507 about 3 years ago 3
How can the account be deleted? @tupaschoal about 3 years ago 0
Problem with Photo Monitoring Plugin on Fiji @SamWolfe over 3 years ago 3
Is our error reporting adequate? @icarito about 4 years ago 7
How do you write and post in the public lab community? Asking for our developers! @emash about 4 years ago 4
Changing my username @sam_ettenborough about 4 years ago 1
How can I create and work on my own issue in Github? @bsugar about 5 years ago 4
How are the Q&A's tied together in the website database? @bsugar about 5 years ago 3
How can I delete a User Account? @niklasjordan over 5 years ago 3
How do I interpret the relationship between the schema.rb file and the models? @bsugar over 5 years ago 4
Uploaded pictures always stays vertical @aemilius89 over 5 years ago 6
Link to notes tagged not working @asnow about 6 years ago 1
Moderate questions with machine learning. @Aleksi12358 about 6 years ago 3
It is impossible to connect to our pad: PLEASE HELP @urijosa about 6 years ago 2
Search function operating strangely? @gretchengehrke over 6 years ago 2
How do we address the issue of people posting the same or very similar questions? @stevie over 6 years ago 5
Social Integration of Public Labs with FB @bansal_sidharth2996 over 6 years ago 3
Error with showing contributors for a tag? @gretchengehrke over 6 years ago 1
How are the questions sorted on the 'Unanswered' tab? @stevie over 6 years ago 1
How can we get hashtags on research notes so they are found on Twitter? @zengirl2 over 6 years ago 2
Is it possible to generate a word cloud based on a tag's related tags? @pdhixenbaugh over 7 years ago 2
Activity Grids formatting - what will be their final form? @pdhixenbaugh almost 8 years ago 10
What goes into choosing a topic name? @liz almost 8 years ago 2

Your help makes Public Lab better! We deeply appreciate your helping refine and improve this site.

To learn how to write really great issues, which increases the chances they'll be resolved, see:

Report issues for other Public Lab sites:

Want to get more involved in creating Public Lab open source software? Visit the Developers page and join the "plots-dev" list.

What to report

When people help find and describe problems, they play a key role in building open source software. When filing an issue, please include, at a minimum:

  • what you did just before the problem occurred
  • your browser and browser version
  • your operating system
  • any web addresses needed to see the problem (such as the URL of this page)
  • your username (if you have one)
  • describe how urgent the problem is (desperate or just-trying-to-help!)

If you are able, it may also help to quickly resolve the issue if you:

  • test if it happens in a different browser or on another computer
  • test if it happens whether you are logged in or not (if applicable)
  • test if it affects other users, or whether this happens to you only sometimes

The more input you can provide, the faster our developer community will be able to solve the problem.

The easy way

If you are unsure how to submit an issue/bug/feature request, please simply fill out this form, which will be sent to the web working group. They will file it and email you the URL so you can participate/follow along.

However, we strongly encourage you to submit a Github request as described above; this makes it much easier and faster for our community to respond to your request!