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I work with Parts and Crafts, a community workshop and makerspace for kids in Somervilla MA. ( We're psyched about using PLOTS tools to help kids better understand their local environment and giving them tools to investigate the world around them.

Flame testing metal salts

by kgradow1 almost 2 years ago | 2 | 3,654 | 5

This demo was conducted as part of a fire science class at Parts and Crafts with elementary an...

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Brainstorm a Family Hackerspace!

by kgradow1 about 3 years ago | 1 | 1,630 | 0

**What: [Brainstorm a family hackerspace!](

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Union Square MBTA Mapping

by kgradow1 over 3 years ago | 2 | 3,567 | 2

On Sunday April 6 seven of us met up in Union Square to map the proposed MBTA development site...

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Sunday 4.6.2014 -- Toolshed Raising

by kgradow1 over 3 years ago | 1 | 1,237 | 0

Rain date: Sunday April 6, 12-4pm Meeting place for balloon mapping **Ricky's Flower ...

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