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Near-Infrared Camera

last edit by liz 16 days ago | 216,743 | 12

The Infragram Kickstarter video, a great introduction to the project. Introduction Vineyards...

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DIY Indoor Air Quality Remediation Kit

last edit by nshapiro 19 days ago | 11,822 | 6

As of Spring 2016, there are two main types of remediation kits being prototyped: the biobroth ...

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Riffle: open source data logger

last edit by mathew 22 days ago | 21,665 | 13

"Remote Independent Friendly Field-Logger Electronics" Also see

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Balloon & Kite Mapping

last edit by liz about 1 month ago | 139,790 | 5

How Can I Do This? Our whole toolkit is linked out below, but really fast: Assemble your own, ...

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last edit by warren 3 months ago | 317,144 | 34

Desktop Spectrometry Kit v3 The standard -- plugs into your laptop Build one ...

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Oil Testing Kit

last edit by warren 4 months ago | 27,209 | 12

Detect and grade different kinds of oils using an ultraviolet laser and a DIY spectrometer. Intr...

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KAPtery Aerial Rigs

last edit by cfastie 5 months ago | 3,793 | 15

Chris Fastie designs and builds camera rigs for kite, balloon, and pole aerial photography. The r...

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last edit by liz 6 months ago | 24,049 | 11

For measuring electrochemically active compounds and microbes in water. Join the Discussion o...

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Refinery Watching

last edit by warren 9 months ago | 10,481 | 4

What we want to do We are setting up 24/7 observation stations to monitor gas refinery flares. ...

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Formaldehyde Test Kit

last edit by mathew 10 months ago | 5,397 | 7

These formaldehyde testing kits are one part of our multi-pronged Indoor Air quality monitoring e...

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Mitigation

last edit by liz 12 months ago | 7,523 | 12

Where We Breathe Where We Breathe is a project of Public Lab's Open Air Initiative focused on in...

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Thermal photography

last edit by Sara 12 months ago | 92,601 | 9

Applications Thermal imaging can be used to document heat/AC leaks from insulation gaps on a bui...

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Mãe d'Água

last edit by vjpixel about 1 year ago | 3,983 | 5

The project Rede InfoAmazonia is developing "Mãe d'água - Water's mother", an open hardware to mo...

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last edit by Willie about 1 year ago | 23,198 | 77

What is it? DustDuino can help individuals with limited resources monitor PM10 and PM2.5 concent...

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Pole Mapping

last edit by Natalie over 1 year ago | 5,598 | 0

This page is under development, feel free to add! Lead image from

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last edit by warren over 1 year ago | 8,962 | 15

A Coqui is a simple, inexpensive, open source device that generates an audible tone that is bas...

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Roomba Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

last edit by Shannon over 1 year ago | 1,436,196 | 7

The current work on indoor air sensing through the Where We Breathe project is located here: http...

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Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing

last edit by HannahJane almost 2 years ago | 23,816 | 0

Purpose Hydrogen sulfide, which is a well documented but little understood health hazard, is one...

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Fido - The Raspberry Pi based Temperature Alarm that sends text messages

last edit by rjstatic almost 2 years ago | 6,841 | 1

Is your greenhouse getting frosty? How about too hot today? Is your fridge still on? Fido is a te...

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Particle Sensing

last edit by DavidMack about 2 years ago | 9,106 | 4

(Photo: A man wearing a mask walks past the skyline of Singapore's business district Credit: Reut...

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Water Quality Sensor

last edit by Dana almost 3 years ago | 33,636 | 1

Developed during the Water Hackathon on March 23-25 in New York City, the water quality sensor is...

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Air Column Monitor

last edit by liz over 3 years ago | 10,188 | 1

Notes and pages related to this tool can be found by searching "

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Portable Energy Scavenging Kit

last edit by donblair over 3 years ago | 7,139 | 0

A lightweight, low-cost kit for collecting, storing, and providing energy -- off-the-grid. Desig...

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Home Testing for Endocrine Disruptors

last edit by liz almost 4 years ago | 21,482 | 5

Purpose This tool is being developed to enable people to test sources of water for the presence ...

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Balloon Telemetry Kit

last edit by mathew almost 4 years ago | 17,157 | 2

This kit was created as a means to improve the georeferencing of images captured using balloon ma...

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Kite-Balloon Hybrid

last edit by mathew almost 4 years ago | 42,846 | 2

A kite balloon combines a lifting gas with active lift structures like wings to fly in all condit...

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Stereo Camera

last edit by mathew almost 4 years ago | 16,653 | 2

Basics We started developing a stereo camera set-up so that we could capture two images simultae...

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