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Data Logging

Data loggers can help to record data from a sensor over time -- often over days or weeks, or even months. There are a variety of data loggers available, both commercial and open source. Each entry from a logger -- stored on, for example, a memory card -- may have a timestamp and some data loggers can record location from a GPS as well.

Design constraints

What are we trying to do that existing commercial data loggers don't do, or don't do well enough? We're looking for designs that optimize:

  • low cost (i.e. <$100)
  • easy to use
  • easy to build or buy
  • weatherproof (possibly)
  • waterproof (possibly)
  • Arduino-compatible (so that they're compatible with the huge Arduino ecosystem)


More coming soon... please add any you know!

See the full spreadsheet here (by @cfastie)


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We're hoping to collect a set of activities you could do with several different data loggers here, such as an example "field test," so please add help us by adding activities which can be performed with different data loggers:

Purpose Category Status Author Time Difficulty Replications
Build KnowFlow: automatic water moniter - - @shanlter - - 1 replications: Try it »
Solar Powered Air Quality Sensor - - @nicholas - - 0 replications: Try it »
Simple data logger - - @david_uwi - - 0 replications: Try it »
Compost is hot, says Riffle field-test - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
In the heat of the pile observe - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
Blink a LED - Write a 'Sketch' and build a breadboard circuit for the Riffle build review-me @pdhixenbaugh 1h medium 1 replications: Try it »
Mini Pearl Logger longer - - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
Riffle test 1 verify - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
Riffle campout test-limits - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »

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Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.

Waterproof enclosures

The #riffle project -- and others -- have explored a lot of ways to make cheap waterproof enclosures for data loggers, but where wires and sensors can still stick out. Here are a some notes and prototypes under the tag #data-logger-enclosures. You can also visit the page on sensor enclosures here

Title Author Updated Likes
Nalgene submarine @cfastie over 1 year ago
Riffle conductivity caps and other housing ideas @mathew over 1 year ago
buoy for water sensor @DavidMack about 2 years ago
Rubba Stoppaz @donblair about 2 years ago
sensors in soda bottles @mathew over 2 years ago
sketching a waterproof pop bottle sensor system @mathew almost 3 years ago

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