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Water conductivity monitoring

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Conductivity is a measure of a solution's ability to conduct electricity, as measured in Siemens per meter (S/m). (lead image by @ddileona)

This page is under development, please add background info:

  • Info about regulations
  • Info about ecological or human health impacts
  • Advocacy leverage points
  • Constraints we're working within: cost, complexity, sensitivity, time

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Here's a list of different conductivity sensors and measurement systems. Also see below for some Do-It-Yourself approaches to measuring conductivity, and this page for more information.


Activities for people to test methods (these develop over time)

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Existing work

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Build a Coquí: A Simple Water Conductivity Sensor (version 1) @akshaya almost 2 years ago 22
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Inexpensive conductivity probe Step 1 - Sensor Probe design (revised) @roberts_ecofarm about 2 years ago 2
Inexpensive conductivity probe for drinking water monitoring network @roberts_ecofarm about 2 years ago 4
Voltage generation for conductivity sensor @roberts_ecofarm about 2 years ago 2
DIY conductivity Sensors @roberts_ecofarm about 2 years ago 6
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Road Salt and Salmon @acjames76 almost 3 years ago 0
Substitution for conductivity meter @Ag8n almost 3 years ago 7
conductivity sensor electrolysis a concern in moving water? @MadTinker almost 3 years ago 3
In addition to testing for pH, what other water quality testing have you utilized, such as turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), etc.? Can you share your experience with these? @gilbert about 3 years ago 0
Anyone with experience using 316L welding rods for conductivity sensor probes? @MadTinker over 3 years ago 0
AstroPlant RPi sensory system @Sidney_AstroPlant over 3 years ago 10
Riffle Device: Water Conductivity Sensor @rebeccah over 4 years ago 7
Mapping Lead-Free Water @smmontgom over 4 years ago 0
Planning for a new Riffle conductivity circuit @pdhixenbaugh over 4 years ago 5
Conductivity and Temperature Meter @bhickman over 4 years ago 12
Conductivity Sensing: Open Questions @donblair about 5 years ago 7
Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop on Northeastern's Campus @kgrevera over 5 years ago 2
Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop @kgrevera over 5 years ago 1
Mehak, Virginia, & Tori Conductivity Research Summary @mehaky almost 6 years ago 0
Reflection Salty Scandal @vvincent almost 6 years ago 0
Connor, Matt, and Jess' conductivity research summary @mattmullen almost 6 years ago 0
Reflection on Sensor Journalism @Jenn_Zarate over 6 years ago 0
A Reflection on Sensor Journalism @madelinebilis over 6 years ago 0
Conductivity Results from 3 Water Samples @madelinebilis over 6 years ago 0
Coqui BBv1.0: Testing conductivity of a solution @donblair over 6 years ago 1
Follow up — Group 2 Water Sample Results @jacktemp over 6 years ago 0
Follow up on Bridget and Casey's water samples @caseyrcampbell327 over 6 years ago 1
Collect 3 Water Samples for Testing @amarini over 6 years ago 3
Duty Cycles & 555s --> linearity! @donblair over 6 years ago 16
Coqui draft board design on Upverter @warren over 6 years ago 8
How much are Coqui measurements affected by hot/cold water? @warren over 6 years ago 16
Accessible procedure for calibrating conductivity measurements? @donblair over 6 years ago 3
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Simple 555 conductivity meter @donblair over 6 years ago 7
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RIFFLE: Confronting Confusing Corrosion Condundrums @donblair almost 7 years ago 8
Conductivity meter @JSummers about 7 years ago 2
Video on geocoded conductivity readings from strip mine watersheds @warren over 9 years ago 0
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