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Timelapse Kit

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The Public Lab Timelapse Kit: fight polluters by catching them on film!

Above image via @glennwalquist -- read more

A number of folks are working across the Public Lab network to set up cheap #timelapse cameras. Help out and hold polluters accountable!

How it works

It doesn't completely -- yet! We're testing this approach in a few places around the country, and looking to prove it out more.

But the basic idea is to point a timelapse camera at a place where you hope to catch pollution happening, to collect evidence and to pressure them to stop.


(above, timelapse of blasting at a mountaintop removal site via @LauraChipley)

This could be used at:

  • refineries
  • mine sites
  • industrial facilities
  • anywhere you can safely place the camera

How to help

We're collecting well-documented examples of this technique in action, and we need:

  • great photos of camera setups
  • example footage
  • easy instructions on how to share your images

Try it out

We're organizing meet-ups to assemble kits, test them out, document and install them, so that lots of people have a chance to learn how to do this and spread the word.

The basic kit is based on:

$103 (with 16g SD card) Crenova Trail Camera - 12 megapixel, 8 AA batteries

(note that it's actually 5 megapixels, but it stretches images up to 12, unfortunately)

Get in touch ( to organize a local group to assemble, document, and test, and report back how it goes.

Flyer handouts: timelapse-kit-card.pdf and 4-up version for printing: timelapse-kit-card-4up.pdf


(Above, prototype box mock-up)

timelapse tool method