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Simple Air Sensor

This simple sensor uses the same type of particle detector as the #PurpleAir sensor, but instead of logging, it displays a red/yellow/green light based on PM2.5 levels it detects.

This device's #plantower sensor is factory calibrated, but this kit is not designed for quantitative readings; it's just the most basic setup you can use to get started measuring particulate air pollution -- dust.

Quite a few people have built simple open source, Arduino-based devices around the cheap #plantower particulate air sensor, and this is a bare-bones version that is easy to assemble, and comes pre-programmed. We also offer it assembled and ready to plug in in the Public Lab Store.

Parts List

  1. 1 Arduino
  2. 1 RBG LED Light
  3. 1 Sensor with cable
  4. 1 Breadboard


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Questions about Plantower sensors from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire @OrionAllgaier new contributor 10 days ago

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Assembling the Simple Air Sensor

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