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Pole Mapping

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Lead image from http://publiclab.org/notes/gclout01/07-22-2013/pole-mapping-rig-making

Pole mapping is fun and easy to do! Perfect for small areas, like urban lots or gardens. You can be very creative about what to use for a pole and how to attach your camera. These people sure were! Materials used include PVC, carbon fiber (a 50' fishing pole), bamboo, and other unknowns!

Materials for pole

Below: from http://publiclab.org/notes/liz/09-17-2014/newark-green-garden-2nd-aerials


Another pole developed by the Public Lab Gulf Coast Chapter, see @ddileona post for design.


Below: from http://publiclab.org/notes/stevie/10-20-2014/the-blitz-report


Below: from http://publiclab.org/notes/patcoyle/04-21-2014/cal-poly-ewb-pap-pole-aerial-photography-mapping-for-india-project


How to attach a camera to a pole

Pretty much any way you can! I prefer to use the standard soda bottle rig to protect the camera. You might also employ tape, string, or even a picavet made of bamboo!

Below: from http://publiclab.org/notes/patcoyle/04-21-2014/cal-poly-ewb-pap-pole-aerial-photography-mapping-for-india-project


Pole Mapping Kits


If you end up purchasing one of the Public Lab 11meter carbon fiber poles, you can reference Natalie's research note on assembling the camera mount here.

Cool pole imagery

Straight-down imagery is great for map-making. Oblique imagery is also cool!

Below: from http://publiclab.org/notes/mathew/05-17-2013/pole-photography

kailash ecovillage

Check out Ecta64's research note on using the Public Lab carp pole (coming soon to the store).