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Community Microscope Kit

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Using simple materials, we’ve developed a microscope kit you can build yourself - the result of many teams’ work coming together!


Use this link to view through your microscope

Flyers for the events

On Thursday, February 14th, IMVEC will de doing a 2 hour workshop to build microscopes in collaboration with the WETlab of Hangar in Barcelona. More information here


Introducing the Community Microscope

Explore the invisible microscopic world around you with an affordable microscope kit you construct yourself!

When you get a kit, please use the hashtags #communitymicroscope and #communityscience to post your unboxing and build photos -- and tag us with @PublicLab on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Title Author Updated Likes
How do I build the Deluxe Microscope Kit @aps new contributor 5 days ago
Is there a step by step to building the super pi Microscope kit @Hightower77 3 months ago
How can you calculate microscope magnification with just a calibration slide? @Bronwen 5 months ago
How could the new basic microscope project be used in building towards advocacy outcomes? @stevie 7 months ago
What information should be posted with images taken with a microscope? @stevie 7 months ago
What is the best light source to use for the basic microscope? @stevie 7 months ago
Which objectives do you use? @aquiles 7 months ago
What types of slides would be good for working with the basic microscope? @stevie about 1 year ago
Where can microscope lenses (objectives) be bought? @warren about 1 year ago

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Microscope Webcam Conversion

by Bronwen 10 months ago | 10 | 779 | 1


Assembling the Raspberry Pi Microscope

by Bronwen 3 months ago | 6 | 167 | 2


Make stages for the Community Microscope Kit

by imvec 3 months ago | 4 | 230 | 2


Community Microscope Assembly Instructions

by Bronwen 10 months ago | 7 | 549 | 4


4. Lighting Your Sample

by partsandcrafts 12 months ago | 2 | 280 | 1

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You can also find lasercut and 3d printing files for the kit here:

Using your microscope

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Title Author Updated Likes
Can the Community Microscope analyze ocean microplastics? @jiteovien 7 months ago
What do respirable silica particles (frac sand pollution) look like? @warren 12 months ago
What are some ways to collect dust or particulate samples for analysis? @warren about 1 year ago
Is it possible to accurately size inhalable and respirable particles using a DIY microscope? @gretchengehrke over 1 year ago
Is it possible to discern jagged from rounded particles using a DIY microscope? @gretchengehrke over 1 year ago
Are there any methods to distinguish where particulate matter in the air comes from? @stevie almost 2 years ago

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Ongoing work on the design of the Community Microscope Kit can be found here:

Title Author Updated Likes
Integrating User instructions into the Community Microscope build materials @jiteovien 5 months ago
Microscope calibration overlays… What’s the best approach? @MaggPi 7 months ago
USB Webcam vs Raspberry Pi V2 Field of View (FOV) comparison / Community microscope initial evaluation #2 @MaggPi 9 months ago
Community Microscope Initial Evaluation @MaggPi 9 months ago


microscope-drawing-clip-lens.jpg 20xfrac_snd17_copy_2.jpg 1080.jpg 20xfrac_snd17_copy_3.jpg

final.png IMG_20180510_190544_862.jpg IMG_20180516_093247_808.jpg nice.jpg microscope-drawing.jpeg cards.jpg sketch.jpg tiny2.gif card.jpg three.jpg sketches-bw.jpg workspace-green.jpg flow3.gif

Want to remix your own? Here's a link to a shared document where you can compose your own images for sharing:

Please use the hashtags #communitymicroscope and #communityscience -- and tag us with @PublicLab on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Also see this larger collection of images in Dropbox:

Some Google Photos:

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