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Thanks everyone for helping to make the 2017 Barnraising amazing!

Stay tuned for resources on how to host a Barnraising and for information on the next Public Lab Barnraising!

Read more about the Barnraising and past Barnraisings below

About the Barnraising

The Barnraising is the closest thing we have to a Public Lab conference -- but with an emphasis on "doing stuff together." It is an unparalleled, high bandwidth event where people come together to exchange hard-won technical knowledge, tactics, and stories in person. Participants in Barnraisings:

  • Improve social ties through in-person collaboration,
  • Participate in in-depth exploration of local environmental issues and ongoing community research,
  • Advance technical knowledge, and
  • Work on projects such as local environmental monitoring and documenting new monitoring methods.

Barnraisings have been hosted each Fall in Louisana since 2012. The first mid-year Regional Barnraising was held in Spring, 2014 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This turned out to be a great way to draw new Public Labbers in, focus on regional issues and cater to people who are unable to travel to our yearly Barnraising in Louisiana.

Recognizing the growth of the Public Lab Midwest community, the second annual Regional Barnraising was held in the summer of 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Midwest projects such as hydrogen sulfide sensing, petcoke mapping and dust monitoring laid the groundwork for a fantastic and dynamic regional event.

In 2016 Public Lab hosted the Regional Barnraising in Val Verde, California in LA county. This event drew community partners from as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Central Valley. Featured in Val Verde, participants focused attentions on a local landfill that has been both a health hazard and nuisance to residents for many years. At the time of the Regional Barnraising, the landfill was threatening to expand, and many believed it was already taking waste beyond its capacity.

June of 2017, Public Lab hosted Appalachia Barnraising in Morgantown, West Virginia. You can read more about the Barnraising events below.

Past Barnraisings:


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