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All events are open to the public. The Public Lab Code of Conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Public Lab community and non-profit, both online and in person.

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About Public Lab Events

There are several important traits that all Public Lab events have. If you’re coming to an event for the first time, they are things you can expect to happen, and what makes a Public Lab event unique. For event organizers, keeping them in mind can help you shape the activities of your events.

All Public Lab events:

  • Follow the Public Lab Code of Conduct,
  • Create learning moments,
  • Level the playing field for people to participate,
  • Increase collective understanding of environmental issues and community science,
  • Allow space for people to think and act creatively, use available resources, and move towards action.

The Public Lab Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Public Lab community and non-profit, both online and in person. It is both a resource for engagement, as well as a set of rules all Public Lab spaces must adhere to. More about how the Code of Conduct was created can be found on this page.

Creating learning moments

All Public Lab events create learning moments between people. The events value the knowledge and resources brought to the space, those that are built collaboratively when people share a space and the learning that happens outside a physical event space.

Sharing a Space:

Sharing a physical space is one of the best ways to build collective knowledge. One way in which Public Lab events work to create learning moments is by heavily favoring active participant engagement activities over passive activities.

Active participant engagement: Active participant engagement looks like “people doing stuff together.” This style of engagement favors group activities where each participant physically takes part. Active participant engagement examples include: breakout sessions, brainstorming, group discussions, and "hands on” activities.

Passive participant engagement: Passive participant engagement can often look like someone standing in front of the room facing a group of people. This looks like one person engaging and others listening. Examples of passive participant engagement activities include: presentations, lectures, and readings.

Sharing Out

While sharing a physical space can be a powerful thing, Public Lab also values the learning moments that happen outside of the physical event space. By capturing what is learned at an event, what questions came up, and what people are interested in exploring further, events can engage the broader Public Lab community. By doing so, both event participants and the broader Public Lab community builds collective knowledge and learning moments.

Some resource to engage in the broader Public Lab community during or after events include

Online Resources:

  • Post a question can be used to capture questions (and answers) that come up.
  • Post a research note can be used to share out about what was learned, or what people are interested in exploring further.
  • Post an activity to share out about what was done so others can attempt to replicate or simply learn from your work. Write to a Public Lab list to reach out to a group of people with a particular interest or in a specific geography.

Over the phone:

  • Call into an OpenCall to talk with others about some of your questions, ideas, next steps or take-aways.

Leveling the playing field for people to participate

While we recognize in the section above that everyone who participates in a Public Lab event has something to share and learn. Public Lab events also seek to actively “level the playing field” so that everyone has an opportunity to optimally engage.

To actively “level the playing field” participates should practice tactics such as:

  • Developing plans together,
  • Identifying and use a shared language (stay away from jargon or language that is not clear and understandable to participants),
  • Recognizing and checking the privileges we come with,
  • Aiming for equal speaking time,
  • Favoring engagement of all participants over individual expertise on a subject matter, and
  • Upholding the Public Lab Code of Conduct to ensure that all participants can safely and comfortably engage.

Facilitation resources can be helpful in creating an equitable space for people to engage. (more resources here)

“Leveling the playing field” also means working to make accessibility a priority. We do this by recognizing and mitigating the challenges to participants face to the best of our ability. Challenges in accessibility can include but are not limited to: travel or physical accessibility to an event, scheduling limitations, language, any associated event cost, parenting or child care needs.

Increasing collective understanding of environmental health issues

By increasing our collective understanding of environmental issues we’re better able to see pathways forward in our work, and create inroads for others to participate. Events can explore environmental topics, methods, geographic issues, and/or strategies towards advocacy and/or outreach outcomes. Events should explore existing information, resources and ideas, as well as create space for people to develop out those that are new.

Allowing space for people to think and act creatively, use available resources, and move towards action

Individual and collective creativity and ingenuity are the most highly valued resource at a Public Lab event and are at the forefront of each event activity. Public Lab events also use and exercise available physical resources. This means that the supplies, materials, and tools at hand, are resources for the event. These resources should be treated with care, and should be accessible for all participants. However, because creativity is most highly valued, some of the best events require the least materials.

Finally, Public Lab events value progress, and should include time for participants to identify pathways and next steps for moving forward, the opportunities to engage others in the work, and the plan for sharing out what was explored and learned.

Regular Public Lab Event Types

Connect online or over the phone

Public Lab hosts regular call-ins for people to connect with online and phone call in options. Local groups sometimes get together in person to join one of these events.

**Newcomers Welcome Call This call will be hosted every Tuesday at 2:24om ET (7:24pm GMT) - in the 15 minutes leading up to Open Call, on the same call in line. This call is a space for anyone who is new to Public Lab to get acquainted and explore pathways for getting started with the Public Lab community.

Open Call Every Tuesday, there's an open call anyone can join and actually talk to other Public Labbers. The call is hosted at 3pm ET (8pm GMT). Notes are kept on this page. The link to join the call on a computer is here. Or you can call in +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 415 220 636 International numbers available here

OpenHour OpenHours can be hosted by anyone about anything. They happen on the 1st Monday or every month. The topics of open hour can vary from presentations on tools & methods, discussions on environmental issues shared across regions, and approaches to data-based advocacy. There will be time for discussion and taking questions.

Location based events:

The Barnraising This is the closest thing we have to a Public Lab conference -- but with an emphasis on "doing stuff together" rather than just presenting/talking. The Barnraising focuses on local research questions. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, Public Lab comes together to develop tools, toolkits, supporting materials such as guides and tutorials, test the tools and develop new research directions and projects. Participants represent a wide range of interests from technologists and designers to social scientists and community organizers.

Information on the next Barnraising can be found here:

Workshops Anyone can host a workshop! Post out on about your event so others can join. Learn more about hosting events here.

Recently posted events

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Radical Infrastructure: Your First Physical Server @techlearningcollective about 1 month ago
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Do you do Soil Testing and Analysis? @DanielleS 6 months ago
Water sampling workshop with a "Mega-Coqui" kit with One Cranston @warren 6 months ago
Global warming and Greenhouse Effect. @er_jkshah 7 months ago
Event: Clean Air Council + Delaware Riverkeeper Network @liz 8 months ago
Taller de microscopio DIY en Barcelona @imvec 9 months ago
Community microscope workshop Barcelona @imvec 9 months ago
NYC Microscope Workshop, 12/15 at Fat Cat Fab Lab @Bronwen 10 months ago
Our usb microscop design @luglimbe 10 months ago
An hair with new design usb microscope @luglimbe 10 months ago
Event: Oct 24, 2018 Crowdsourcing Stormwater Solutions at The Nature Conservancy @nwhysel 11 months ago
5 Awesome Tech Moments at Open Hardware Summit #tech #opensource #Arduino #raspberrypi #diy #science @zengirl2 12 months ago
Software Freedom Day in NIT Hamirpur @souravirus 12 months ago
Mesh PCB making workshop by Reacción @dbsnp 12 months ago
SoC MeetUp at DTU @bansal_sidharth2996 about 1 year ago
iFarm Big Picture @cfastie about 1 year ago
Silvopasture @cfastie about 1 year ago
Water chestnut NRG @cfastie about 1 year ago
LEAFFEST aerials @cfastie about 1 year ago
2 cameras or not 2 cameras @cfastie about 1 year ago
Summerlab 2018: citizen investigation and civic use of technology @imvec about 1 year ago
LibrePlanet talk: Sharing strategies for welcoming newcomers into FLOSS projects: First-timers-only, list moderation, and more @warren about 1 year ago
Rain Barrel and Rain Gauge Build with 7th Ward Residents @stevie about 1 year ago
Bay Area Maker Faire! @stevie over 1 year ago
Event: Mapping wetlands and algae blooms @stevie over 1 year ago
All Summer of Code convening Live Call @liz over 1 year ago
DIY Spectrometry Workshop in Lima, Peru @warren over 1 year ago
Foldable Spectrometer workshop - Barcelona @imvec over 1 year ago
PLANNING TO HOST AN EVENT? @stella over 1 year ago
..... any potential aerosolar dreamers in Ljubljana? @AeroceneFoundation over 1 year ago
Delhi Open source meetup at NSIT @tech4gt over 1 year ago
Particle Visualization Event in Hixton, WI @gretchengehrke over 1 year ago
Taller de investigación fluvial DIY @imvec over 1 year ago
Mentorship network meeting at CRASH Space @levisimons over 1 year ago
Local Environmental Action 2018 in Boston @warren over 1 year ago
Hack The Earth: 6th edition open call @imvec over 1 year ago
Conversation on decentralizing data storage and mesh networks @liz over 1 year ago
Plant air purifier in Paris, Feb 2, 3-6PM @nshapiro over 1 year ago
Convocatoria GAIMeC @imvec over 1 year ago
Formaldehyde Monitoring Open Call on Tuesday, January 16th at 3:00 pm ET @nshapiro over 1 year ago
Water Wise NOLA Rain Barrel Build! @stevie almost 2 years ago
3er encuentro de Ciencia Ciudadana @imvec almost 2 years ago
Host a Goal Setting Workshop @stevie almost 2 years ago
Local Perspectives at Barnraising 2017 @a1ahna almost 2 years ago
Best PLab demo ideas for a large group? @pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago
Round-table discussion on the concept of citizen science @imvec almost 2 years ago
Project Night: DIY Microscopes! @partsandcrafts almost 2 years ago
Event sorting images from Harvey @stevie almost 2 years ago
Learn to kite map a marsh: an October 21st workshop at Tidmarsh Farms @warren almost 2 years ago
Request for kite/balloon mapping help at Tidmarsh Farms wetlands restoration in Plymouth MA @warren about 2 years ago
Join us at LEAFFEST 2017 @cfastie about 2 years ago
Ballon mapping workshop - University A Coruña @imvec about 2 years ago
Personal Reflections from Appalachia Barnraising 2017 @nanocaj about 2 years ago
Community Mapping in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana @stevie about 2 years ago
Photos from a kite mapping party in Somerville @warren about 2 years ago
July 12 event in Sheffield UK -- the changing face of expertise in the 21st C @liz over 2 years ago
U.S. EPA Community Webinar on Citizen Science Air Monitoring: Jun 7, 2017 @DavidMack over 2 years ago
How to Build a Specialty Phone Carriage @sdepolo over 2 years ago
Investigating Thermal Properties of Rooftops Using Aerial Mapping @sdepolo over 2 years ago
Aerial Mapping of Effects of a Water Diversion @section1group1 over 2 years ago
Aerial Mapping Project: Biodiversity Mapping of the Diamond Hitch Vicinity @alcmarfiller51 over 2 years ago
All the Shingle Ladies @section1bp over 2 years ago
Aerial Observation of North and South Facing Slope Ecologies @aerialmapping123 over 2 years ago
Mapping the Thacher Bioswale: Analyzing Erosion Patterns and Vegetation @section1group3 over 2 years ago
Last Annual Barnraising -- looking to the future @stevie over 2 years ago
Aerial Mapping Projects in Environmental Science at The Thacher School @thacherenvisci over 2 years ago
Kite mapping Barcelona @imvec over 2 years ago
Hack The Earth 5th edition @imvec over 2 years ago
NIR to NDVI @cherault over 2 years ago
Frac sand hotspot testing and site survey @stevie over 2 years ago
Next Saturday: Timelapse Kit workshop and Social Emergency Response Center in Somerville @warren over 2 years ago
NYC Data Rescue working group meeting tonight @liz over 2 years ago
TechRaking: Sensing the News @Matt_P over 2 years ago
EDGI FOIA event at CUNY in New York City & online @liz over 2 years ago
Envirodiy workshop Jan 26/27 2017 @neilh20 over 2 years ago
Chosing which camera to obtain data from @nnole almost 3 years ago
A balloon mapping event at MPavilion (Melbourne, Australia) @AssemblePapers almost 3 years ago
Intro al espectrómetro de Public Lab en la Bilbao Maker Faire @pablo almost 3 years ago
Hack a camera to make you own DIY Near Infrared device @cindy_excites almost 3 years ago
Document your hardware upgrades at Parts & Crafts Documentation Days - Oct 12 & 19 @warren almost 3 years ago
Event: Citizen Science Gathering in West Virginia @liz almost 3 years ago
Landfill leachate in Louisiana ditches? @eustatic almost 3 years ago
Balloon Mapping in Berlin @clauds about 3 years ago
Public outreach for scientist @bvkiran about 3 years ago
Looking for New Orleans Pole Mappers @eloisereid over 3 years ago
Looking for New Orleans Pole Mappers @eloisereid over 3 years ago
Looking for New Orleans Pole Mappers @eloisereid over 3 years ago
Depth Sensor Build! @stevie over 3 years ago
Some notes + updates from PhotosynQ @gbathree over 3 years ago
Event in Eau Claire, WI @stevie over 3 years ago
Rich Profile tags and improving the performance of @Lalithr95 over 3 years ago
Public Lab Workshop at the Sunview Luncheonette @Matej over 3 years ago
Native Plants Workshop THIS Saturday w/ Groundwork NOLA @klie almost 4 years ago
barnraising images, Louisiana, Nov 2015 @marlokeno almost 4 years ago
Fall delayed as LEAFFEST looms @cfastie almost 4 years ago
Bluelight @gangrin almost 4 years ago
Specter @Mica777 almost 4 years ago
Taller de fotografía aérea en Madrid @pablo almost 4 years ago
Rainbow Party at Assemble PGH @ephemeralwaves almost 4 years ago
Oil Testing Kit Workshop at Art in Odd Places Festival @Matej about 4 years ago in Tonawonda @liz about 4 years ago
LEAFFEST 2015 @cfastie about 4 years ago
Public Lab Boston/Somerville coding meetup @ Parts & Crafts @warren about 4 years ago
Summer of Maps Fellowship Presentation @seankmcginnis about 4 years ago
NYC Climate Justice Youth Summit @liz about 4 years ago
Western NY Community Based Science for Action Regional Workshop: Tonawanda, NY @liz about 4 years ago
Frac Sand Tools for Action Event! @stevie about 4 years ago
New Orleans Map Viewing Party @stevie about 4 years ago
Kitimat Mapping Workshop @ann about 4 years ago
DIY aerial photography: Kite-mapping workshop in London, UK @cindy_excites about 4 years ago
Prince George Mapping Workshop @ann over 4 years ago
Sweetwater Festival Mapping Workshop @ann over 4 years ago
June Mapping Picnic @stevie over 4 years ago
Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop on Northeastern's Campus @kgrevera over 4 years ago
Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop @kgrevera over 4 years ago
iFARM 2015 report @cfastie over 4 years ago
New Orleans City Park Mapping @stevie over 4 years ago
Bayou Bienvenue Mapping! @stevie over 4 years ago
iFARM 2015 “Experiencing the Sensed Landscape” @dorncox over 4 years ago
Thermal Fishing Bob Development Workshop @kgrevera over 4 years ago
Prince Rupert Workshop: DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping @ann over 4 years ago
Smithers Workshop: DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping @ann over 4 years ago
5th Anniversary call for memories! @liz over 4 years ago
Newtown Creek Workshop with Balloon Photography @nameiswillis over 4 years ago
Talleres de Fotografía de bajo coste desde el aire en Madrid @pablo over 4 years ago
Gulf Coast: Build your own spectrometer event! @stevie over 4 years ago
Gulf Coast April Pole Mapping @stevie over 4 years ago
A month-long series of webinars about sensor journalism @willie over 4 years ago
Citizen Science Investigations on the Waterfront @liz over 4 years ago
GeoPhilly Balloon Mapping Workshop - April 22nd, 2015 @seankmcginnis over 4 years ago
Gulf Coast Spring Fling! @stevie over 4 years ago
New Orleans February Water Quality Meet-up @stevie over 4 years ago
January Water Quality Meet-Up Report @stevie over 4 years ago
Vancouver Workshop: DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping, Crab Park, Burrard Inlet @ann over 4 years ago
New Orleans Training: DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping @stevie over 4 years ago
New Orleans Water Quality Meet-up @stevie over 4 years ago
Gulf Coast 2015 Kickoff Party! @stevie over 4 years ago
Merry Mapping in New Orleans! @stevie almost 5 years ago
Reproducibility @cfastie almost 5 years ago
Vadi HaAsbestonim: Community Aerial Photography Event @hagitkeysar almost 5 years ago
Newtown Creek Alliance public meeting @liz almost 5 years ago
Edmonton Balloon and Kite Mapping Workshop @ann almost 5 years ago
WATER HACKATHON SERIES #2: THE RIFFLE TRAINING @eustatic almost 5 years ago
WATER HACKATHON SERIES #1: BRAINSTORM SESSION @eustatic almost 5 years ago
The DustHack Report @stevie almost 5 years ago
Report back on Creative Commons Sensor licensing workshop @liz almost 5 years ago
Taller de fotos con globo en Barcelona @pablo almost 5 years ago
DustHack Event Menomonie Wisconsin ! @stevie almost 5 years ago
Last Minute Dead Horse Bay Expedition @Bronwen almost 5 years ago
Public Lab workshops at International Conference of Crisis Mappers @liz almost 5 years ago
Decolonized Skies at Apexart @liz almost 5 years ago
Public Lab Holiday Party on Saturday, December 6 @Hudonnoodles almost 5 years ago
GLAM Event @yvv about 5 years ago
Balloon Mapping & Raspberry Pi Workshop @ The Hacktory @seankmcginnis about 5 years ago
LEAFFEST 2014 accounting @cfastie about 5 years ago
World Maker Faire 2014 @liz about 5 years ago
New Orleans: Urban Restoration Mapping BLITZ! @stevie about 5 years ago
Sneak Peak Balloon/Kite Photography Event @nicholas about 5 years ago
The LEAFFEST Line @cfastie about 5 years ago
SE Regional Meeting of the Amer. Chem. Soc. @JSummers about 5 years ago
Atlanta Maker Faire @JSummers about 5 years ago
New Orleans Training Event! @stevie about 5 years ago
L E A F F E S T @cfastie about 5 years ago
A non-maker's take on the Picayune Make :) @stevie about 5 years ago
Picayune Make Meeting Notes for 16 August 2014 @danbeavers about 5 years ago
Goal-Setting for Upcoming GLAM Event @yvv about 5 years ago
GLAM and Gowanus Canal Conservancy Goal Setting Meeting @Bronwen about 5 years ago
Philadelphia Night Market Balloon Flight @seankmcginnis about 5 years ago
Picayune Make event @danbeavers about 5 years ago
Philadelphia Night Market and the Department of Making and Doing @seankmcginnis about 5 years ago
OpenHour NYC IRL @liz about 5 years ago
Recap: July 31 New Orleans oil testing meetup @stevie about 5 years ago
Northshore Staten Island mapstitching event! @liz about 5 years ago
Brainstorm a Family Hackerspace! @kgradow1 about 5 years ago
Open Hour on Water Quality, Monday July 21, 8pm @donblair about 5 years ago
Water Quality Workshop July 12th @ MIT Media Lab @donblair about 5 years ago
A New Orleans Event @stevie about 5 years ago
Kite Mapping on the Kill Van Kull @melissachecker over 5 years ago
Join us for the Raritan Bay Festival Kite / Balloon mapping! Saturday June 28th, Staten Island @gwirth over 5 years ago
NE Barnraising 2014 @cfastie over 5 years ago
NE Organizers Summit @cfastie over 5 years ago
Come try spectrometry at Science Hack Day @liz over 5 years ago
iFarm aeries @cfastie over 5 years ago
iFarm tour @cfastie over 5 years ago
iFarm tech talks @cfastie over 5 years ago
iFarm UAV Field Day @cfastie over 5 years ago
iFARM 2014 @dorncox over 5 years ago
Event--Civic Science and the Gowanus @liz over 5 years ago
Prospect Park spring mapping project @liz over 5 years ago
Staten Island North Shore meets with GLAM @liz over 5 years ago
EcoHack NYC May 9-10 @liz over 5 years ago
EcoHack in four global locations @liz over 5 years ago
LIVE BROADCAST: "Water Quality Primer + Data Visualization Sprint" @donblair over 5 years ago
Northeast Tool-focused Barnraising: June 6-8, 2014 @Hudonnoodles over 5 years ago
Invitation to Friends and Family Day-Flushing Bay-May 10 @carmelfromson over 5 years ago
Earth Journalism Network Kite Mapping Workshop @willie over 5 years ago
Hope in Bloom in the Southside of Williamsburg! @AnushaV over 5 years ago
Kite mapping in Far Rockaway, Queens @jenmansta over 5 years ago
Union Square MBTA Mapping @kgradow1 over 5 years ago
Jornada de documentación y exploración colectiva del territorio @7enproceso over 5 years ago
EcoHack is back, and this time it’s global! May 9th & 10th @liz over 5 years ago
Workshop: spec-tacular @liz over 5 years ago
Ignite Philly 13 @seankmcginnis over 5 years ago
Local Environmental Action 2014 @bessbl over 5 years ago meetup @liz over 5 years ago
Hong Kong Open Source Meetup @liz over 5 years ago
Report back from "Making a Difference" Asia @liz over 5 years ago
Public Lab 'Open Water Hackathon' @ Amherst College @donblair over 5 years ago , a low cost open source research vessel @Sebastian over 5 years ago
Public Mapping Mission - Newtown Creek @nicholas almost 6 years ago
Public Lab Boston-area Toolshed Raising @ Parts & Crafts @Hudonnoodles almost 6 years ago
Public Mapping Mission @nicholas almost 6 years ago
Balloon Mapping Presentation & Demonstration - Burlington County GIS Day @seankmcginnis almost 6 years ago
Rulers Bar Island Wetland mapping @gwirth almost 6 years ago
Bayou Bienvenue Wetland Triangle Signage Unveiling and Press Conference @eustatic almost 6 years ago
Nov 16th Saturday wetlands planting (and mapping) @eustatic almost 6 years ago
Sneak Peak Balloon Mapping at Freshkills Park @nicholas almost 6 years ago
Biohavens in Bonnabel --Kite Map of Wetlands Restoration 2nd October @eustatic almost 6 years ago
Public Lab sessions @ Mozfest, Oct 25-7 2013 @warren about 6 years ago
Classifying Trapa @cfastie about 6 years ago
Trapa detection @cfastie about 6 years ago
Lake Warner Workflow @cfastie about 6 years ago
WATERCHESTNUT Big Picture @cfastie about 6 years ago
ITP Camp @ Fresh Kills @nicholas over 6 years ago
June 1 Sensor Journalism Conference at Columbia University @liz over 6 years ago
Public Lab NorCal Meet Up - Cloverleaf Farmstand, Davis, CA @MicheleTobias over 6 years ago
Jamaica Bay Mapping -- Rescheduled to Saturday June 1st! @gwirth over 6 years ago
Bienvenue Restoration flight / visit @eustatic over 6 years ago
Pontchartrain Restoration @eustatic over 6 years ago
Kite Club Pontchartrain @eustatic over 6 years ago
Aerial Mapping workshop Triennale Milano @Costantino over 6 years ago
Public Lab NorCal Meetup Fort Mason San Francisco CA @patcoyle over 6 years ago
June 2 Science Hack Day NYC: balloon mapping workshop @liz over 6 years ago
May 12 BOSSLAB Hackathon + DIY Spectrometry @warren over 6 years ago
San Francisco Mapping Meetup Saturday May 4th @gonzoearth over 6 years ago
Middlebury Meetup @cfastie over 6 years ago
Middlebury Meetup April 30 @cfastie over 6 years ago
May 4 IdeasCity Speechbusters "Earth Observation Systems" with Nina Ilieva @liz over 6 years ago
May 4 IdeasCity with Kickstarter! @liz over 6 years ago
May 4th Pier 42 Balloon Mapping! @veroacosta over 6 years ago
iFarm (Imaging For Agricultural Research and Management) field day @dorncox over 6 years ago
Kite / Balloon Map of BP memorial demonstration in Artillery Park (wear black) @eustatic over 6 years ago
Screening of short film on Public Lab on April 19 @warren over 6 years ago
Thursday Apr. 18th balloon mapping at the Cordova @warren over 6 years ago
Weeks Bay Kite Training @eustatic over 6 years ago
May 11 data collection workshop @liz over 6 years ago
Public Lab/open spectrometry presentation @warren over 6 years ago
DIY Aerial Imaging + Map Knitting workshop at Pratt Institute @Pratt_GI over 6 years ago
Prospect Park Lookout Hill crew @liz over 6 years ago
Vermont Winter Festival, Viewed from a Kite String @KalynRosenberg over 6 years ago
Boston PLOTS -- Meetup Synopsis for 2/20 @Hudonnoodles over 6 years ago
NYC 2013 kickoff meeting @liz over 6 years ago
Feb 20th Public Lab meetup in Somerville MA @warren over 6 years ago
NYC Winter Party @liz almost 7 years ago
Boston-area MapKnitter meetup @warren almost 7 years ago
NYC workshop @liz almost 7 years ago
L E A F F E S T @cfastie almost 7 years ago workshop @liz about 7 years ago
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