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Event Oct. 26: Kicking off a research area review on air quality data

by bhamster , fongvania | October 18, 2021 18:50 18 Oct 18:50 | #27929 | #27929

Lead image: Data from a particulate matter sensor, from @LESBreathe

❓ Do you have air quality data and questions about what to do with it? How to visualize it, communicate with it, and create action with it?

🙋 Do you have experience with data visualization, data advocacy, or environmental storytelling?

Join us to kick off our next collaborative research area review on air quality data!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 26, at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 7pm UTC / other time zones, during Public Lab's regularly-scheduled Open Call.

WHERE: We'll meet on Zoom. Click here to join Zoom Meeting

WHAT: We'll introduce the research area review, talk about ways that anyone can participate, and share our questions and ideas on communicating air quality data.

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@LESBreathe @sarasage @denissebn_06 @TravisLondon @eustatic @purpleairfan @seankmcginnis, letting you know about this event in case you're interested!

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This kick-off call is happening today!

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Thanks so much to the folx who joined this call ❤️. We talked about the kinds of AQ we've been working with, shared examples of data visualizations for inspiration, and talked about potential strategies and challenges with AQ data communication. We also began talking about how we can work together to build resources on these topics.

For anyone who's interested, the notes from our conversation are here:

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