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I work in environmental education and watershed protection, with a background in chemistry (and to a lesser extent, physics/electronics). I believe in connecting people with ideas, clarifying concepts, and staying true to the purpose of science - to discover, to understand, and to inform public policy. My public involvement in investigating and protecting the environment starts with a community that shares these beliefs, and depends on open access to scientific methods and tools to do the work, and share the results.

Chesapeake Conservation Corps Alumni, 2016 UMBC, 2014, with a Chemistry B.S. and Environmental Science minor.


by pdhixenbaugh 8 months ago | 3 | 227 | 1

SPOILERS! You shouldn't read this if you want to figure out the activity on your own FIRST! ...

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Blink a LED - Write a 'Sketch' and build a breadboard circuit for the Riffle

by pdhixenbaugh 8 months ago | 0 | 380 | 2

The goal of this activity is to get familiar with writing code and designing circuits for the Ri...

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Riffle and Thermsistor

by pdhixenbaugh 8 months ago | 0 | 312 | 2

Trial and Documentation Test for using a thermsistor with the Riffle. The documentation I am fol...

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Testing Riffle Documentation - 1wire

by pdhixenbaugh 8 months ago | 2 | 278 | 1

Status: Code working, incorrect temperatures. Need to resolve this. Does documentation need a...

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Organizing the Riffle Area

by pdhixenbaugh 8 months ago | 9 | 324 | 3

@lizbarry and @donblair expressed interest in reorganizing the Riffle area. This is one outline ...

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Draft Meta-Riffle Part 2: All about pins

by pdhixenbaugh 9 months ago | 1 | 373 | 1

Continue where [Part 1](

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(Draft, don't look) Meta-Riffle: Researching how to build Electronic Circuits with the Riffle

by pdhixenbaugh 9 months ago | 3 | 317 | 3

Draft -- may contain stream of consciousness -- not ready for primetime, but feel free to look at...

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Planning for a new Riffle conductivity circuit

by pdhixenbaugh 10 months ago | 5 | 486 | 1

I want to build a conductivity sensor that can attach to the riffle inside of a water bottle, fo...

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More Riffle Data - Voltage droppin slowly

by pdhixenbaugh 11 months ago | 1 | 281 | 0

Share Temp and Voltage Data from Riffle Test in a refridgerator for a week followed by room temp...

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Remixing Kina and Don's Code - low power temperature logging

by pdhixenbaugh 12 months ago | 1 | 335 | 0

I want to adapt Kina and Don's basic logging code to incorporate the power saving features int...

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"Cool" Riffle Data - with holes!

by pdhixenbaugh 12 months ago | 0 | 355 | 2

I am writing from the Catskills mountains of NY where the streams are cold and full of trout. ...

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Riffle (and Arduino) first impressions - notes

by pdhixenbaugh about 1 year ago | 3 | 649 | 2

Test the Riffle and the Riffle Documentation. From the point of view of a user new to Arduino....

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schintha12 asked about 4 months ago

Answers by pdhixenbaugh

Are there any exemptions under the NPDES?


stevie asked about 4 months ago

Answers by pdhixenbaugh

What types of NPDES permits are there?


stevie asked about 4 months ago

Answers by pdhixenbaugh

How do you change a research note into a question?


pdhixenbaugh asked about 8 months ago

Answers by pdhixenbaugh

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