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Alahna (she / her) has been the Oil and Gas Accountability fellow since October of 2018. She was born and raised in coastal Louisiana and the majority of her work focuses upon documenting landscape change along the Gulf Coast.

Alahna works to develop innovative means of data collection and digital curation in order to communicate environmental change through spatial, material, and historical frameworks. She has many experiences in this capacity: as a self-employed UAS pilot / as the chairperson of the Communications Committee for the Louisiana Master Naturalists / as an archaeologist in New Orleans / as a GIS researcher with NASA DEVELOP / and as a photogrammetrist for the National Park Service. Alahna has earned a M.S. in cultural resource management and a B.A. in anthropology from the University of New Orleans.

I'm always eager to chat about: archaeology, 3D modeling, maps, drones and satellites geomorphology, public history, urban legends, swamps, mushrooms and mycology, environmental education, the national historic preservation act, cultural preservation, and dogs esp. labradoodles

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a platform for Seeing the Shutdown?

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