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Exclusive grids

Grids that show content with one tag but not if it has a second tag:

The basic pattern is: [questions:include!exclude

So to exclude #basic-microscope:


Title Author Updated Likes
Could the Raspberry Pi Microscope be used for looking at microplastics found in ocean water? @stevie 15 days ago
What is "immersion oil" for microscopes? @warren 6 months ago
Where can you get the stage for the basic microscope? @stevie 7 months ago
A Massdrop microscope sale (just 23 hours left) @amirberAgain 7 months ago
Where can microscope lenses (objectives) be bought? @warren 8 months ago
What are some ways to collect dust or particulate samples for analysis? @warren 9 months ago
How do DIY microscopes compare (cost, ease of use, resolution) to commercial options? @warren 11 months ago
Has anyone used a RasPi camera in a DIY microscope? @bmela New Contributor 11 months ago
How does the EPA measure things, especially the size of dust particles? @kgradow1 11 months ago
How long does it take to build the hackteria microscope? (is it easy?) @kgradow1 11 months ago
Is it possible to accurately size inhalable and respirable particles using a DIY microscope? @gretchengehrke 11 months ago
Is it possible to discern jagged from rounded particles using a DIY microscope? @gretchengehrke 11 months ago
How big are silica particles, in microns? @warren 11 months ago
How big are smoke particles, in microns? @warren 12 months ago
What is the best low-cost or DIY microscope to use with a group? @gretchengehrke about 1 year ago
Have you had any experience utilizing low cost portable microscopes? @gilbert about 1 year ago
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