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Use of a 5$ bill for microscope calibration

by amirberAgain 4 months ago | 1 | 166 | 2

As suggested by @Maggpi, it would be advantageous to have a generic easy to get calibration card ...

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Lensless holograpic microscope

by amirberAgain 5 months ago | 0 | 149 | 2

I will post a more detailed description here over the coming days. [

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Python and openCV to analyze microscope slide images of airborne particles

by amirberAgain 9 months ago | 39 | 1,057 | 7

Following the Jan 9th air quality open call I wanted to see what can be done with a microscope sl...

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Hypersperctral imaging using DIY kits

by amirberAgain over 2 years ago | 25 | 3,084 | 2

A couple of years ago a friend showed me how a hyper spectral camera works. I cam to the realizat...

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can a spectrometer be used to measure color of water ?

thangvu asked about 6 months ago

Answers by amirberAgain

Can I get spatial resolution by making multiple parallel slits?

dgidon asked about 7 months ago

Answers by amirberAgain

Have you used the particle atlas?


Ag8n asked about 7 months ago

Answers by amirberAgain

How can I identify bits of plastic from the beach in an image?

jlev asked about 8 months ago

Answers by amirberAgain

Camera that would detect at 1064nm?

jpschaaf asked about 8 months ago

Answers by amirberAgain

making a slit in spectrometer

vafa asked about over 1 year ago

Answers by amirberAgain

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