imvec 6 research notes and wiki edits

Institute for the Monitoring and Surveillance of Contaminated Areas (From the Spanish Instituto de Monitorización y Vigilancia de Espacios Contaminados, IMVEC)
Cordinated by Xose Quiroga, Arturo Castillo and Juanfra Alvarez.

GNUsocial: @imvectech
Twitter: @imvectech

Dustduino potentiometer testing

by imvec 3 months ago | 8 | 376 | 6

We want to verify what resistance value (position of the potentiometers) is needed to measure PM...

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Fresh air collector

by imvec 4 months ago | 3 | 414 | 4

We'll try to develop a DIY system to collect a relatively standard “fresh air” during the initia...

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Leptos: gas detection and monitoring station

by imvec 5 months ago | 2 | 678 | 7

Leptos is a project in development for the construction of a gas detection and monitoring statio...

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