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My name is Sadie and I am one of the Digital Literacy Instructors at a branch of Queens Library called the Queensbridge Tech Lab. We are located in LIC within Queensbridge Housing. We focus on creating a accessible and resourceful space for the local community within the umbrella of creative expression, digital & media literacy, education on privacy & civic rights, urban environmentalism, and job pathways. Our programming is quite robust as we try to be a fluid space that flows in the direction of the communities interests and needs. Some example classes are, Sewing with LEDS, Building Microscopes, Photoshop, How to use a smartphone, Synthesizers, Intro to the Internet, 3D printing Jewelry, Digital Photography.

I am the Project Lead for our Community Science: Learning about Queensbridge Air, Water, Soil/ Plants Project that will be happening Summer 2019!

"Learning to monitor the ecology of our local community intersects important topics around housing, privatization, accessibility, environmentalism, science, and public health. We are living in a time where public space, specifically in and around marginalized communities, face privatization and/or pollution. Communities lack access to the tools and techniques needed to participate in the decisions being made about their communities public space, especially when facing environmental hazards. As the Queens Library Tech Lab in Queensbridge, we support the Queens Library’s Strategic Plan of promoting lifelong learning, increasing the library’s position as a center of public life, and creating access to technology. We aspire to be a local hub for initiatives that enrich the lives of our customers and use technology as the vehicle toward gaining knowledge around important issues. By rooting this Innovation in Queensbridge, specifically in its ecology, we engage and empower Queensbridge residents to have influence over the conditions of their community and lives. "

I am also an sculpture / technology artist: sadieprego.com

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