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Building the new Coqui

by natevw | October 09, 2019 23:25 09 Oct 23:25 | #21125 | #21125

How the activity went

I was hoping my 7yo would be able to assemble this kit, but we found it hard to keep up with the livestream and I ended up finishing it for him.

Issues I encountered

The breadboard for this kit was very stiff. Often the component leads would bend rather than go in. We were able to work around this by using the end of one of the bigger square plastic jumper cables to poke into each slot we needed first. Those leads were strong enough to not bend and afterwards the softer wires went in better.

Unfortunately, perhaps because we used the big jumpers to open the slots, the battery wires do not stay in. I suspect tinning those will help.


One final suggestion especially for younger assemblers would be to match the assembly instruction pictures with the wire colors actually sent with the kit. Just makes it a bit easier to follow along.

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