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User interface design helps us adapt the systems we use to serve a broad set of interests and backgrounds -- especially this very website. In the spirit of Public Lab collaborative work, this page is for sharing and discussing user interface related information. A number of projects are in progress; we work to make sure they are broken into small enough parts so that people can take them on and solve them. Some are listed at the bottom of this page. **** ## UI challenges We are seeking to improve the UI design of the following pages: ### Active projects * https://publiclab.org/welcome (see #15796) * https://publiclab.org/tag/balloon-mapping (individual tag pages - see #16271) ### Upcoming or need help * https://publiclab.org/ (i.e. https://publiclab.org/home)* Navigation bar (and sidebars/footers) * https://publiclab.org/tags (or “topics” or “environmental concerns” or /issues? with priority on Oil + Gas) * https://publiclab.org/people ? * https://publiclab.org/events (could this fit under people, or regions?) * https://publiclab.org/methods * https://publiclab.org/dashboard * Maybe: work on /topics, /people, /events, then integrate them into here instead of a firehose activity feed * https://publiclab.org/search/balloon - search in general, with [some issues here](https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/milestone/11) * https://publiclab.org/profile (i.e. https://publiclab.org/profile/stevie) * https://publiclab.org/questions (see #14523) * https://publiclab.org/blog * https://publiclab.org/signup - being worked on [in the OAuth project](https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/milestone/18) ### First contact Also, we want to be refining and improving the flow of newcomers through our site on their first visit. See more about this on the [First Contact](/first-contact) page. [![Screen_Shot_2018-09-26_at_10.17.10_AM.png](/i/26668?size=medium)](/i/26668) ## Workflow We are using this shared [Google Presentation](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TCZoTfuhamRVrUak8aDgqJAwSgyhRtZg2Pgacl2_4zc/edit?usp=slides_home&ths=true) to iterate on design solutions, as well as [Froala Design Blocks](https://www.froala.com/design-blocks/) and their [drag and drop editor](https://www.froala.com/design-blocks/webpage-builder) to develop design solutions for these pages. Please [post a proposal or sketch](/post) if you'd like to get involved! **** ## Questions [questions:ui] **** ## Design group We are looking to work with community members and people looking to get involved in UI design on Public Lab -- please join the group below to help out! [people:group:design] **** ## Open issues Here are some (disorganized) open design issues we're trying to work on in GitHub: <iframe src="https://jywarren.github.io/community-toolbox/examples/embed.html#l=design&r=plots2&o=publiclab" style="border:none;" width="100%" height="700px"></iframe> **** ## Resources ### Bootstrap Our site uses Bootstrap 3 (although we're eventually moving to v4!) to have a consistent visual style -- it includes ready made buttons, menus, forms, and many other elements. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/ ### Icons On our website, we use Font Awesome icons in version 4.5+ -- https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/ [![icons.png](/i/26669)](/i/26669)

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