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UI Wireframe for Profile Page

by lekhidugtal about 1 month ago | 9 | 135 | 1

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"Thanks for your feedback. @souravirus I'll definitely work on it :smiley: Thank you !!! " | Read more » 15 days ago
" Hi @souravirus Here are some notes that I shared earlier - https://publiclab.org/notes/lekhidugtal/03-12-2019/create-a-visual-difference-in-wikis..." | Read more » 16 days ago
" Hi @souravirus Thanks you su much for your feedback 1. yeah Even I liked Idea 2 and will wokr upon it. 2. Regarding the shortcut keys, this is no..." | Read more » 17 days ago
"Hi @divyabaid16 Fossasia has five column , so there is much less space but we have four column. How bout thinking like that. :thinking: Regardin..." | Read more » 20 days ago
"Hi Divya Footers can be large if we want and it's not necessary to compact the footer. Currently in your design the footer looks cluttered with l..." | Read more » 20 days ago
"Off to great start. @tonchuks . Your comment made me curious , so here I am :smiley: Maybe you used different username in Github :thinking: Walk..." | Read more » 21 days ago
"Thank you so much @tonchunks. It's great to have feedback from you. :D " | Read more » 21 days ago
"Hi @warren. To be honest, I'm not sure what to say regarding this It looks friendly and new to me. Usually the websites we come across, they sta..." | Read more » 21 days ago
" Hi @divyabaid16 I really liked the #222. Even, I had been incorporating some idea regarding this color. I like watching people design, so great t..." | Read more » 21 days ago
"Adding onto first, Thanks you much for your feedback Gaurav. I'm glad you liked the ideas and designs. I'll keep on improving my work. And Thanks..." | Read more » 23 days ago
" Hello everyone, I've updated my proposal with all suggestions including search,profile,tags,dashboard etc. It would be great to have feedback from..." | Read more » 23 days ago
" Hi @warren , After empathising on some great ideas I got from all suggestions, I've updated the proposal with search section. I've worked on timel..." | Read more » 24 days ago
" Thanks you so much for your response @namangupta. I would be updating this proposal soon and hope to have some great ideas from you again. :) " | Read more » 24 days ago
" Hi Warren, Adding onto first, thank you so much for your response. I got some great ideas. Regrading search bar, I'm working on it. I'll go throug..." | Read more » 24 days ago
" Hi @IshaGupta18 I'm still a learner in designing but I'm still hesitating regarding the horizontal circular tabs. Usually we go vertical circular ..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" Hi @divyabaid16 i really liked the way you divided your work in timeline. It's managed and arranged well. But I was curious regarding this Here I ..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" I'm really curious about the typography of the new design by publiclab's teams " | Read more » 26 days ago
" Hi @jywarren Regarding the metadata. How about creating sidebar but it would collapse to one single icon. Right now we have many metadatas and if..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" Hi @IshaGupta18 Great Work. You had specified each and every point. I wanted to ask that In profile section - is that circular tab ? I really l..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" Hi @warren I would love to empathise and do some processing for the search pages you provided. I would try to explore and provide some methodology..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" Hi @jywaren. Thank you so much for your advise. I was bit under-confident and was still brainstorming and writing the proposal that's why didn't p..." | Read more » 26 days ago
"Hi everyone, This is Lekhika Dugtal. I've posted my soc proposal and would love to some feedbacks from you :) The proposal is still a draft and sti..." | Read more » 26 days ago
" @warren I just visited this after you posted the link. Yeah it would be great to incorporate the best out of all the designs. The streams of idea ..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
" Hey Everyone, This is Lekhika Dugtal. I tried to create some designs which is possible to implement too. As being a designer and a developer, I us..." | Read more » about 1 month ago


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