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Mapknitter: UI evaluation

by molangmuir10 | June 10, 2019 10:09 10 Jun 10:09 | #19650 | #19650

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Homepage and logging in:

  • I love being able to see everyone else’s projects listed below
  • This is a minor issue but when I originally tried to log on, I used my publiclab username ‘molangmuir10’ – because it says ‘username’. This didn’t work and I had to type in my email to login. Could change the ‘username’ to ‘email’ or ‘account email’ or ‘public lab email’
  • Jeff’s tutorial video on the homepage is great. Really helpful to visualise exactly what you’ll be doing

image 1

  • More space between the ‘Community Microscope Kits Reserve a kit today’ and ‘Regions’
  • Why is Community Microscope kits listed here?

image 2

  • I like that you can see the number of maps! Especially if this changes in real time.
  • Why is ‘resolutions’ listed twice?

Creating a map:

  • I found the initial stages very simple; entering the project name, entering the location and long and lat coming up.
  • I like how the map zooms to your location as you enter the text. Straightforward, simple and clear.

Uploading images:

  • Straightforward

  • You should be able to delete an image and re-‘place’ the same image without having to re-upload it. There is only an option to download rather than ‘place’ them.

image 3

  • Also it would be great to be able to clear these images once you’ve used them as it can get quite crowded when you’ve uploaded a few.

Placing images to the map:

  • Adjusting photo size: You should definitely be able to change the size of the image after the first placing/tool toggling – I couldn’t work out how to do this. It’s very frustrating if you have got the image size slightly off in the first place.

Toolbar: - There should be an undo tool button! - It would be great to get the transparency tool to work on a range – going from opaque to increasingly more transparent

Keymappings: - The keymappings window is quite obstructive and I couldn’t work out how to get rid of it image 4 - Pressing the letters on the keymappings toolbar (jk/o/s/t/dr) did nothing – (I have a macbook). But pressing the other commands on the toolbar (esc/delete/backspace/caps) did work. - ‘delete, backspace’: could it say “delete photo/image” just to clarify it’s not the map you’re deleting

2nd image upload:

‘Keymappings’: 2nd time I logged in to use mapknitter, the ‘keymappings’ didn’t come up initially. image 5 And then it came up twice image 6

  • It would be good if there was a button for ‘keymappings’ – you click and it brings up the window. Then you can close again when its obstructing the map view.

Altering the image size and scale: The second image I uploaded I couldn’t change the size of the image at all – it came up with the blue squares in the corner rather than the black ‘x’s. Then I couldn’t find a way to change the size. I closed the app and reopened. I re-uploaded the image and the same thing happened – I can’t figure out how to alter the size! Initially it was black ‘x’s and I dragged them bigger or smaller after first placing the image. How do I get back to that? image 7

General comments:

I really like being able to switch to the street map view! image description

Just a small thing though – ‘OpenStreetMap’ has no spacing and ‘Google Satellite’ does – would be nice if they both had the same spacing.

Once you have made a map it would be great for it to have a link directly from your profile homepage. e.g. After logging in to mapknitter, a ‘My maps’ button links you to the maps you’ve made.

Recent toolbar tool updates by @sashadev-sky:

• GREAT that the keymappings order has been re-arranged to match toolbar order

• ‘toggle image transparency’ and ‘toggle image outline’ – makes sense to have these tools next to eachother

• Delete on the end in red is much better – makes more sense to have delete on the end

• “Fixed _toggleOutline method: fixed bug where we were also toggling image opacity here not just the outline opacity” I was going to comment on this bug in my evaluation above – great that it’s already been done!

Overall the toolbar changes are much improved! - I did think it would be useful to have an undo button on this toolbar

The things I’ve suggested may already exist – but if they do then they aren’t obvious/simple for a new mapknitter user like me!

Have you tried using mapknitter? I’d love to know your experiences in the comments below!


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Thank you so much for this, @molangmuir10! This level of detail is SUPER helpful. @stefannibrasil @kaustubh_nair @alaxallves @cess @rexagod @sashadev-sky

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@silentsairam awards a barnstar to molangmuir10 for their awesome contribution!

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@molangmuir10 this is great thank you! I will make sure to try get all of this addressed. I have already started with a PR for this point :)

1) More space between the ‘Community Microscope Kits Reserve a kit today’ and ‘Regions’

Great minds, eh! Thankyou :)

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