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User interface design

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User interface design helps us adapt the systems we use to serve a broad set of interests and backgrounds -- especially this very website. In the spirit of Public Lab collaborative work, this page is for sharing and discussing user interface related information.

A number of projects are in progress; we work to make sure they are broken into small enough parts so that people can take them on and solve them. Some are listed at the bottom of this page.



We are using this shared Google Presentation to iterate on design solutions, as well as Froala Design Blocks and their drag and drop editor to develop design solutions for these pages. Please post a proposal or sketch if you'd like to get involved!


Title Author Updated Likes Comments
What are your thoughts about searching for content on the Public Lab website? @Bronwen over 5 years ago 1
Help us refine the search interface at @warren over 5 years ago 6
Looking for input on a simplified "subscribe" design for posts @warren almost 6 years ago 9
What are your thoughts on this initial sketch for a Tag page on @warren almost 6 years ago 40
How do we address the issue of people posting the same or very similar questions? @stevie over 6 years ago 5
Browser notifications for answers to your questions? @warren over 6 years ago 2
What do you think about this new design sketch for a Welcome page? @warren over 6 years ago 50
How can I make a tag graph visualization? @bsugar over 6 years ago 7
How do we do user interface design work in a community process? @warren over 6 years ago 10
Who can I reach out to for community science app UI help? @nshapiro over 6 years ago 2
What's one thing that could be better for newcomers about the Public Lab website? @warren over 6 years ago 10
How can we reduce visual clutter on the sidebar of @warren over 6 years ago 4
Need your feedback on Tag pages @tommystyles over 6 years ago 22
Call for input on upcoming Rich Editor and Rich Wiki projects for @warren over 8 years ago 9

Design group

We are looking to work with community members and people looking to get involved in UI design on Public Lab -- please join the group below to help out!


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Open issues

Here are some (disorganized) open design issues we're trying to work on in GitHub:



Our site uses Bootstrap 4 to have a consistent visual style -- it includes ready made buttons, menus, forms, and many other elements.


On our website, we use Font Awesome icons in version 4.7+ and 5+ --