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Plant health NDVI Red vs Blue filter

by Claytonb 1 day ago | 0 | 129 views | 0

While testing Ned Horning's calibration plugin(Ned's plugin) I had the opportunity to compare som...

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ndvi calibration infrared infragram

Mapping Trees In Berlin

by chmooze 1 day ago | 2 | 111 views | 1

What I want to do I'm playing with available resources for residents to identify, document, moni...

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urban tree urban-ecology trees

Guilin Pharma mapping

by shanlter 2 days ago | 0 | 254 views | 1

What I want to do First time we try to apply the Balloon and Kites Mapping tools on investigatin...

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balloon-mapping blog china pharmaceutical

Oil Testing Kit Initial Electronics

by cbreuer 3 days ago | 5 | 178 views | 3

What I Want To Do I'm currently working on designing the electronics and code, and eventually wo...

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spectrometer fluorescence cuvette oil-testing-kit

Web Working Group Monthly Recap 10: January 2016

by warren 4 days ago | 0 | 119 views | 0

Hi, all - this month's Web Working Group recap is very exciting, as we've launched Spectral Workb...

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mapknitter web-development software plots2

Baseline noise removal test in Spectral Workbench 2

by warren 4 days ago | 9 | 138 views | 0

What I want to do I want to test out some of the new tools in Spectral Workbench 2 and see if we...

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spectrometry spectral-workbench operations noise-reduction

CFL Selection

by stoft 4 days ago | 3 | 198 views | 3

Introduction Wavelength calibration of a PLab spectrometer requires a stable light source with a...

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spectrometer cfl spectrometer-calibration barnstar:photo-documentation

Question: can't save spectrum anymore

by eigentuininhuis 5 days ago | 9 | 153 views | 0

What I want to do or know want to save spectrum but can't. It just switches back to the capture ...

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question:spectral-workbench answered

This CFL works the best

by dhaffnersr 5 days ago | 0 | 184 views | 1

After a thousand spectral tests, I have found one CFL that I have gotten a quality calibration fi...

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spectrometer spectrum-matching multispectral uv

Tube fluorescent lamps for spectrometer calibration

by warren 5 days ago | 13 | 216 views | 2

What I want to do I wanted to follow up on this post with a couple screenshots of an attempted c...

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spectrometer calibration spectral-workbench response:12258