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Riffle Beta Release: Feature Requests / Review?

by donblair about 1 hour ago | 0 | 4 views | 0

Hi All! We're wrapping up a bunch of conversations about the design of the board, in order get a...

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String and paperclip method for attaching Mobius camera to dowel pendulum rig

by tonyc about 2 hours ago | 0 | 10 views | 0

Find a safe, no-cost and teachable method for attaching a Mobius Actioncam to a dowel The method...

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aerial-photography mobius

Bolt and acrylic cuvette holder research

by warren about 5 hours ago | 0 | 14 views | 0

What I want to do I want to try a bolt-and-plate acrylic skeleton for a more rigid attempt at a ...

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spectrometer fluorescence barnraising cuvette

GreenWorksNOLA youth presenting at Barnraising 2015

by liz 2 days ago | 0 | 46 views | 0

In reverse chronological order:

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by daniel94 4 days ago | 3 | 62 views | 0

When I try to calibrate an image I am directed to a page that tells me that I typed in the wrong ...

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by neblinalab 4 days ago | 0 | 269 views | 2

O que é: A proposta dos Hiperguardiões reúne a hiperconectividade com o conhecimento ancestral d...

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diy brasil sao-paulo

Oil testing kit: Making measurements

by ernestootero 5 days ago | 0 | 81 views | 2

Back to work. Yesterday recorded most of the spectra. It was necessary to add two layers of the c...

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spectrometer fluorescence oil-testing-kit oil-testing-kit-beta

Biobubbler session at 2015 Public Lab Barnraiser

by patcoyle 6 days ago | 0 | 79 views | 0

What I want to do Report on Biobubbler session by @nshapiro, Nick Shapiro; @gretchengehrke, Gret...

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documentation barnraising bioremediation formaldehyde