Question: How to build affordable DIY Near Infra red Spectrometer for analyzing wavelength range 1000nm to 1800nm ?

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by apk87 | February 21, 2022 10:47 | #30068

I am trying to learn to build a low cost affordable near infra red spectrometer for spectral wavelengths ranging 1000nm to 1800nm . I would like to analyze and understand transmission spectrum for various materials in these wavelengths. This is for my self hobby / educational purpose . I do not have any technical background in this topic area other than school/college physics concepts :-)


Maybe transmission is possible. Most of the materials we analyzed could only be tested with reflectance. See if that makes sense for the materials you are working with. It may take a fair amount of sample prep to make The samples usable with transmission. The instruments we used were near infra-red reflectance(NIRR). They used overtones of the standard infra-red that are common in labs.

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Try the new UVEX from Shelyak and get that range and everything else to ultraviolet. The price tag is pretty high but there is a DIY that might keep it under $1000 USD. You made no mention of your budget.

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