*Lead photo: Early experiments in Vermont with the Public Lab's infrared camera tool.* **Vermont is part of the [Northeast region](** Public Lab organizers Chris Fastie and Ned Horning are involved in multispectral imaging hardware, multispectral image processing, control and monitoring of airborne cameras, agricultural and vegetation mapping and imaging, and spectroscopy. . . PLOTS and TAC join forces in Vermont Public Laboratory and the Toxics Action Center are collaborating on a project to apply Public Lab tools to several Vermont projects being investigated by TAC. Details of these projects are outlined here. . Recent Events . . LEAFFEST 2014 September 12-14, 2014 [Vermont Fall meetup]( . SNOWFEST 3D 2014 February 22&23, 2014 [Vermont winter meetup]( . Vermont Environmental Summit November 9, 2013 Chris Fastie led a workshop introducing Public Lab tools. . LEAFFEST 2013 September 7-8, 2013 [Learning Earth Appropriate Fact-Finding Environmental Science Tools]( . iFARM (NH) May 18, 2013 [Aerial and multispectral imaging and mapping for agricultural applications]( . Middlebury Meetup April 30, 2013 [An informal meeting to fly a camera over the Middlebury College Organic Farm]( . Montpelier Kite Mapping Workshop April 6, 2013 Chris Fastie led a workshop on aerial mapping with Public Lab tools. . Vermont Environmental Summit November 18, 2012 Chris Fastie led a workshop on aerial mapping with Public Lab tools. . LEAFFEST Low Elevation Aerial Flights For Earth Sensing Technology September 21-23, 2012 Here are some Research Notes on the activities at LEAFFEST 2012....

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