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NDVI Drone Mapping Research

by ektopyrotic | June 04, 2020 19:16 04 Jun 19:16 | #23777 | #23777

Check out my work here for the latest in applying drones for use in NDVI Mapping applications using Near-Infrared (NIR) Converted cameras and custom dual-bandpass filters for capturing vast amounts of images that can be processed in commercial or custom programs (in Python and Matlab)





I also provide code for use with NIR images for processing in GITHUB:




I'm thinking of using an ESP32-CAM for airborne NDVI. This module has a 2M pixel camera, a 32-bit microcontroller and an SD card socket. It weighs less than 10g and is readily available for about $10

It should be possible to remove the IR blocking filter and add an external red filter. Please does anybody have experience of using the ESP32-CAM for NDVI monitoring applications?

Thanks. Mike.

Since posting the above I have been able to remove the IR blocking filter and add a red filter. Obtained some 'interesting' results using Infragram but need to more fully understand what each of the many OV2640 setting options does. Anybody know where I can find this documentation?

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Hi @mfb, I'm interested in exploring ESP32-Cams as well, any chance you can share how it went for you?

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hello I'm also interested in exploring ESP32-Cams

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