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Monitoring the O'Bannon Creek

by belkinsa | February 20, 2022 17:05 20 Feb 17:05 | #30066 | #30066

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I'm a volunteer scientist for the Grail at their site Grailville and I specialize in water quality work. Most of the work will be monitoring the O'Bannon Creek that runs through their land and dumps into the Little Miami River near Downtown Loveland, Ohio. There is a waste treatment plant upstream near the monitoring test.

Is there contamination coming downstream from the plant?

2022's Plan: In order to answer the question, the plan is to test for ammonia, dissovled oxgyen, phosphate, and pH using the colorimetric methods provided by Hach's reagents, as they are already provided to me. I intend to do other experiments down the road. < Not doing this anymore, will post new plan once committed to it.





I quickly found that using the stream monitoring kits isn't my cup of tea as I'm a biologist not a chemist. Also, I tend to test in the morning where the water temperature isn't effected by the air temperature and with my previous work with water quality, I found that it does matter.


Hi @belkinsa it's amazing to hear from you and get a glimpse into your current work! Please keep us posted. I appreciate your tireless open science advocacy over the years.

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