workplan for this page: brief, high level paragraph text on air health concerns, big regs like Clean Air Act, sources of common problems with hyperlinks directly to wiki pages on Particulate Matter, NOx, Benzene, etc, and lastly, one historical win. In the links below, you can follow the pathway for air issues according to landuse. Later, we might also include a section on "how to get a first idea of what your air problem might be" based on health symptoms.

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Online Odor Log v1.0

by imvec 6 months ago | 19 | 286 | 3

To set a worldwide Online Odor Log using the [Odor Log 1.0](

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SmART-FORM Badge Lighting Analysis Experiments

by haines241 New Contributor 7 months ago | 1 | 225 | 5

We are currently developing a smartphone app that can be coupled with a color-changing badge t...

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EPA's Beta C-Tools - Community Tools for Modeling Near-Road or Port Air Quality

by Zengirl2 over 1 year ago | 1 | 245 | 6

I just attended a webinar today from the EPA demoing their [C-Tools software](https://www.cmascen...

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Idea for measurement of airborne pollutants (or other stuff)

by gbathree over 2 years ago | 6 | 856 | 6

This came out of the GOSH 2016 conference after meeting M...

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A proposal for a way to remediate indoor silica dust

by marlokeno almost 3 years ago | 10 | 1,862 | 2

proposal for mitigating indoor silica dust After reading #eustatic’s ingenious bubbler for ...

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Aquarium Pump modifications for Durability & Flexibility

by mathew almost 3 years ago | 0 | 2,684 | 3

Create a version of the modified aquarium pump in the [formaldehyde test kit](/wiki/formaldehyde...

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Medições do Urbano - Cidade Eletronika 2015

by GSan about 3 years ago | 0 | 1,279 | 1

Copo de água mineral natural pH 6.50 ORP 212 mV EC 22 uS/cm Temperatura da água 22 C...

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by GSan about 3 years ago | 1 | 1,202 | 1

Tests DustDuino Testes com DustDuino Teste de leitura do ar em ambiente fechado (bancada...

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Inexpensive HEPA Filter Fan project to reduce air pollution

by Melissa New Contributor about 3 years ago | 20 | 3,061 | 3

What I want to do? At Tufts Medical Center Public Health Department, Dr. Doug Brugge and h...

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My DIY Formaldehyde test kit

by mathew over 3 years ago | 6 | 4,504 | 9

Compile under one note the parts, assembly, and calibration of my DIY formaldehyde test kit foll...

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Borrowing a Formaldehyde Kit, Take 1

by mathew over 3 years ago | 15 | 3,400 | 6

Mail a DIY Formaldehyde Lending [Library...

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bubble-filled adventures in low-pressure airflow

by mathew over 3 years ago | 1 | 2,707 | 6

I want to measure the airflow through low-cost particle sensors. The Dylos, Speck, and AirBeam ...

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Evaluating low-cost optical dust sensors

by mathew over 3 years ago | 23 | 7,741 | 5

image credit: @donblair See and contribute to the [up-to-date Wiki page made from this note]...

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DIY Formaldehyde Test Kit

by nshapiro almost 4 years ago | 59 | 16,340 | 9

I am in pursuit of an inexpensive means of testing formaldehyde levels down to very low levels...

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Smart sensor board for electrochemical gas sensors (intro)

by kensanfran almost 4 years ago | 6 | 12,927 | 5

Perhaps the most promising near-term technology for accurately detecting many atmospheric pollut...

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Frac Sand in 10 minutes

by mathew almost 4 years ago | 7 | 3,758 | 7

photo credit: Crispin Pierce PhD I made a 10 minute video introducing what frac sand is, wher...

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DIY Indoor Air Quality Remediation

by nshapiro almost 4 years ago | 13 | 5,595 | 9

Indoor air is routinely more polluted than the air of corresponding outdoor environments. This is...

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Pollution to Solution: First Research Note 1, 10/14/14

by epongrat about 4 years ago | 2 | 1,367 | 1

My plan is to purchase sensor-based technology to detect air pollution and to locate areas tha...

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The development of stickypad monitoring

by mathew over 4 years ago | 5 | 3,265 | 7

Summarize the development of sticky pads for dust monitoring and collect the published literatur...

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Two weeks with a Speck

by mathew over 4 years ago | 6 | 2,832 | 4

Carpentry. 80 times worse than rush hour. Illah Nourbakhsh and Beatrice Dias from [CMU CREA...

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Public Lab receives support from the Passport Foundation for air quality project

by Shannon over 4 years ago | 0 | 2,080 | 6

The Public Lab nonprofit is excited to announce that it has received support from the Passport Fo...

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CHAQ Air logo

by liz over 5 years ago | 0 | 1,528 | 2

created by CHAQ student

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