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I love to find solutions to real life problems of the people no one cares about.

All about cheap Reflection Diffraction Gratings-Self manufacturing!

by shubham over 1 year ago | 4 | 999 | 1

I am working towards the prototype of a spectrometer with a light source to work in a range of 4...

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Tiny spectromter - Hacking a LASER barcode scanner

by shubham over 1 year ago | 11 | 2,337 | 1

As we know there are primarily two types of barcode scanners - CCD based and Laser based. CCD ...

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Near-infrared absorption spectroscopy

by shubham over 1 year ago | 2 | 1,056 | 2

I am working on the design of a moderate resolution (2-3nm) visibile-near-infrared (400-1100nm...

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shubham was awarded the Basic Barnstar by stevie for their work published in Near-infrared absorption spectroscopy.