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This is an upgrade for spectrometry. Try building it and report back how it goes.

Spectrometer 3.0 Upgrades

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Over the last month or so I had finally been able to sit down and start upgrading and building my Spectrometer 3.0. Now the Spectrometer 3.0 is a great machine and was well designed but I had few changes and additions I wanted to add to it.The things I wanted to change are the mount that holds the camera and a cuvette holder that I could easily change the light sample.All the changes that I made are 3d printed and will be made available to anyone that would like to try them out.

The reason I changed the mounting method was I found the original mount to be not as fixed as I would like. It moved around and I had to re adjust the camera after moving it. So to fix this I designed the 65° and the 45° to be one piece, this eliminates the issue of them detaching from the Velcro. Now to keep this in back of the box I simply cut the piece of wood that Public Lab provided with the spectrometer and it kept it tightly in the back.

image description

image description

The next upgrade was the more complicated and time consuming but in the end it made the spectrometer extremely more useful because it allowed me to experiment with different water samples and oil samples. I could expose these samples to different specific spectrums and see what the results would be. For example I could take a sample of water from a local lake or river and do a comparison with a sample of distilled water. The adapter I built was formed around the spectrometer 3.0 and uses the cuvettes that Public Lab sells in their store. This adapter is held tightly to the spectrometer with four earth magnets in the spectrometer.

image description

So far I built white led, UV, red laser, green laser modules. I thought they would come useful when examining different samples. If you anyone is interested in these upgrades i'll happily upload my files to thingiverse.

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It would be useful if you had given the thingiverse number along with your note. I'm interested. Thanks. Stef.

Also more detail, e.g. slit width, any other departure from stock to help others. Stef

Yah I'll happily uploaded them and post the links on here when I get them all together, This is the first time i've ever shared one of my builds so kinda new at it . I didn't change any of the widths so its just like it came from public lab. Now my light modules were built out of a cheap laser pointers that I bought at dollar general I simply took them apart and used the frame to build all the different types. To make like easy I also designed the cuvette holder with a drop in frame to hold the light module . This way you can remove the frame and insert the module and then place it in the cuvette holder. IMG_0242.JPG

Here are the files , if you have any question or issues feel free to contact me :)

Wow, this is such a cool post! Love your upgrades. Would you be willing to post another specifically about your different attachments? Thanks so much for contributing!!!

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@warren awards a barnstar to programmer1200 for their awesome contribution!

Yah I'll do a post about the cuvette holder , that will probably be more useful to people , the camera mount is nice and I like it but its not specifcally needed .But if people are intersted in it I'll do that also.

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