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reducing reflections in foldup spec

by liz | April 11, 2014 06:28 11 Apr 06:28 | #10297 | #10297

Originally, it was stoft who pointed out that the shininess of cell phones backs when using the foldup spec can contribute to reflections. This is quite true. After helping 60+ people make foldup specs in the past month, I needed a quick fix.


quick fix:

Going to a stationary store with an infragram, you can quickly tell if black paper is really black. To compare, I brought a recent foldup that really is black, as well as an older discontinued foldup that used paper that was reflective in infrared.


Satisfied that my black paper would work, I took a hole punch and quickly


It masks the back of the phone but leaves room for the lens. It's fastest it you cut the paper into strips, then punch holes in a line, then snip them into squares, about 1" square is enough to mask the large DVD window of the foldup spec. You can affix it either to the foldup or to your phone.



Nice! good, simple solution

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maybe we should include a punched out piece? it wouldnt' add to the cost.

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