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Spectrometer 3.0 Cuvette Add-on

by programmer1200 | November 25, 2017 18:31 25 Nov 18:31 | #15238 | #15238

NOTICE : I'm not great at writing

I have taken the time to design a cuvette holder for the spectrometer 3.0. I am attempting to make sure the add-on is easy to build and removable for convenience.The cuvette holder its self is 3d printed out of PLA and can easily be printed on most commercial 3d printers.In total the cuvette holder has 3 individual pieces that need to be printed they are: Main Cuvette holder, Magnet holder and light module mount. In this build you will also need 4 3mmx9.5mm earth magnets , 2 pieces of thin steel at 50mm length and 10 mm width and a light source which I will go into detail about further in the writing.**

Cuvette holder

The most important part obviously is the Cuvette holder , this piece is the largest print and will need to be printed with support. As you can see from the photos below the cuvette holder is designed to be placed on the end of the spectrometer . Its designed it so it aligns perfectly with the stock designs light slit. The two pieces of steel that need to be added are holding the cuvette holder tightly against the spectrometer with the 4 natural magnets mounted on the inside of the box. I would advice attaching the steel with epoxy and not super glue. I have designed this to use Public Labs cuvettes and I have found that they work perfect for this application.

image descriptionimage description

Magnet Holder

This is a simple but useful print , it simply holds the magnets in place so you don't have to glue or mount them on the inside of the spectrometer . It uses 3mmx9.5mm natural magnets . When inserting this into the spectrometer make sure it is not blocking the entrance, if it does it is upside down and needs to be flipped over.image description

Light Module Mount

This Final Piece that needs to be 3D printed is the light module mount, this print holds your light source so it penetrates directly into the sample and into the spectrometer .The light module mount can be removed and changed easily with little if any hassle.

image descriptionimage description

Light Source

When I first started this project I wanted to use multiple different light sources such as UV,White Led, Red Spectrum, Green Spectrum.To make this possible I needed to find a standard size that I could easily modify and I wanted it so any one could really afford it. So I went to Dollar General and found the " Everpet Laser Pointer Light Toy". Its simply a laser pointer nothing fancy but for $3 each it would work perfect. I bought six of these light toys and with a little trial and error I was able to cut away a portion of the pointer so I could easily add or change the light sources to what I need.

Dollar General

image description

If you are interest in this build the link below will bring you to my thingiverse page and if you have any question or need help 3d printing any of these pieces or cutting the laser pointers I will happily help you. Honestly if you need any help with this please ask.


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Wow, so do you insert an LED instead of the laser into some of your light sources? How do you power them or align them -- can you show some more photos of that? This is so cool!

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Hi! Hope you're well -- we just announced this and I think it could be super awesome to pair up with your attachments!

There's also 3d files available at which I hope can be used to make modules like yours connect to the Lego body. What do you think!?

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