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Spectrometer Light Tight Cover Build

by stef 5 months ago | 3 | 498 | 2

Having removed the IR filter from my spec camera, the sensitivity increased dramatically where b...

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Camera Focus IR Filter Removal

by stef 5 months ago | 7 | 617 | 3

This modification is specific to the camera shipped with the PLAB 3 Spectrometer model JDEPC-0V...

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Ambient Light Reflection Suppression

by stef 6 months ago | 2 | 356 | 2

I have used an automotive type flat black rust paint which is available locally and comes as a sp...

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what causes spectral colors to be reversed?

vgoebel asked about about 1 month ago

Answers by stef

Camera IR, spectrometer


Sigmund92 asked about 2 months ago

Answers by stef

Can I upgrade a DIY spectrometer with a Raspberry Pi camera?

warren asked about 6 months ago

Answers by stef

answered on Sep 29, 2016 1

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