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programmer1200 6 research notes and wiki edits

Love building things. I have lots of interest in Environmental science. Currently have a Associates in Environmental science technology and working on by bachelors of science in Enviromental management and assessment. Planning on doing some personal research on the water and soil chemistry and basic air particulate in rural Missouri and anywhere I go. Willing to help any one that needs it

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Spectrometer 3.0 Cuvette Add-on

by programmer1200 19 days ago | 2 | 180 | 1

NOTICE : I'm not great at writing I have taken the time to design a cuvette holder for th...

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Spectrometer 3.0 Upgrades

by programmer1200 24 days ago | 7 | 242 | 1

Over the last month or so I had finally been able to sit down and start upgrading and building my...

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