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Claytonb 8 research notes and wiki edits

Born and raised in Hawaii. Got my nursing license at BSU in Boise. Certified Backflow tester. Own Aerial Precision Images, LLC. Always looking for ways to help local farmers optimize their crops.

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Plant Health NDVI -White Balance

by Claytonb over 1 year ago | 3 | 1,318 | 2

I have been experimenting with numerous different types of material to set a custom white balance...

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Plant Health NDVI Consumer camera vs Professional multispectral camera

by Claytonb over 1 year ago | 9 | 3,119 | 9

I wanted to share some of my results in comparing a modified consumer camera with a scientific gr...

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Plant health NDVI Red vs Blue filter

by Claytonb almost 2 years ago | 9 | 3,350 | 5

While testing Ned Horning's calibration plugin([Ned's plugin](

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MidOpt Dual Bandpass and Event38 filter testing

by Claytonb almost 2 years ago | 2 | 1,906 | 2

I recently had Jason Dougherty with Midwest Optical Systems ([MidOpt](

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