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Born and raised in Hawaii. Got my nursing license at BSU in Boise. Certified Backflow tester. Own Aerial Precision Images, LLC. Always looking for ways to help local farmers optimize their crops.

Plant Health NDVI -White Balance

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Plant health NDVI Red vs Blue filter

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"@dannysmith -I have been using the Labsphere Permaflect coated targets" | Read more » over 2 years ago
"@Shendry - you are only able to get NIR from that camera. You will need another camera that captures red as well in order to calculate NDVI. There ..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"@Thorsten I have not tried using a chart like the color checker though I have used materials(plastic, felt, paper) in the shade of red on the chart..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"@Artichoke23 - What I have seen in testing is that a red filter will give you much greater contrast and sensitivity in crop vigor. A good example i..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"@everydayduffy -For the above comparison I used the calibration option in Pix4D pro. It consisted of drawing a region of interest on the image of t..." | Read more » almost 3 years ago
"Hi Alex, I would recommend contacting Charlie Langlois at Labsphere- They can make affordable($300 range)targets that are s..." | Read more » almost 3 years ago
"@Gianni_Gadaleta - I never did get the chance to have the Komatex scanned so I haven't used it for target material. Becky Done with SABIC Polymersh..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
"@AFairbairn - I spent quite some time searching for reliable and cheap target material for calibrations. I spoke with someone who scanned Rustoleum..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
"@bortek -the blue in the NDVI image is related to the value of the color LUT I applied to the image during processing. I did that to help me to see..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
"Here is a similar scene with the Event38 at about the same height. This is with f/4, exp 1/1250, ISO 100 " | Read more » about 3 years ago
"@bortek -I am assuming that the noise is partly due to the filter thickness and light requirement. I believe the Event38 filter is 0.5mm thick and ..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
"@Rayishido -the high NDVI values is a normal occurrence with shadows. You will notice that the NDVI values will change in the shadows depending on ..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@Thorsten - you are correct the images were mislabeled. Thanks for the heads up. I have corrected the labels. Thanks again, Clayton " | Read more » over 3 years ago
"The filter size I have in the Canon S100's are 8.9 X 7.9 X 1. The sensor screws are each backed out approximately 3/4 turn from the factory positio..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@cfastie Apologies Chris I had to fix the image layout and labels and couldn't edit right so I'm reposting.These are from the MidOpt DB 475/850 and..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@cfastie -I can confirm that mounting the filter internally does correct the vignetting problem. I have mounted a DB475/850 and DB660/850 in place ..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@cfastie -Hi Chris, Is it possible that the vignetting your seeing is related to wavelength interference due to aperture size? Have you tried a lar..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@cfastie -Great work Chris. Have you tested to see what your max shutter speed is with the DB filter on a normal sunny day with same ISO or slightl..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@nedhorning thanks for all your work Ned. I am curious if we can use the usual gray and black cards for white balance as calibration targets and if..." | Read more » over 3 years ago


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