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Public Lab organizers are community members that are leaders in the Public Lab community, and have an interest in the way our community collaborates and grows. Typically but not exclusively, these are people who are both key organizers in their local communities as well as key contributors to the broader Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. Organizers often host events or moderate discussion lists, and help shepherd the Public Lab community in other ways. The organizers list is always expanding; anyone can be nominated or nominate themselves, see below for how to join.

Contact Public Lab organizers to add events to the /events calendar.

Resources for organizers

The Public Lab organizers list serves to connect organizers with each other and enable collaboration on overarching initiatives such as the barnstars initiative. Typical emails are about upcoming events (sometimes there are speaking/workshop/travel opportunities), authoring articles/book chapters/op-eds, strategies for organizing, and other topics related to broad Public Lab community development rather than simply research (which is discussed on the main Public Lab list).

Additionally, organizers share a dropbox folder for presentations and printable outreach materials, manage the Public Lab events calendar, and have email addresses in the form:

Weekly Organizers Call

The Public Lab organizers call is weekly on Thursdays. The time alternates between 9:20PST/11:20CST/12:20EST and 4:00PST/6:00CST/7:00EST. Check this page for the precise schedule. The calls last about 35 minutes. If you are an organizer, to join, please add Public.Lab on Skype and add your Skype name to the Google Doc.

How to join

  • Talk to an existing organizer -- any current organizer can nominate new members (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 "seconds" -- other organizers who say "agreed!"
  • Nominate yourself: email a short statement about your work and the Public Lab mission statement to (+ 2 seconds)


Currently there are 48 organizers:

Current Nominations

Please list your name if you are nominating and if you are providing a supporting nomination, list your name as well:

  • Example nominee name (second,third here)
    • Nomination text here

(To view old nominations in full, see


There is a shared Organizers Dropbox -- please contact the list to be added -- it includes some presentation materials and other useful stuff.


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