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Mapping the landscape in Spain after the real estate bubble. Developer at, mapping with, mapper at, waste researcher at


Intro al espectrómetro de Public Lab en la Bilbao Maker Faire

by pablo 11 months ago | 2 | 438 | 0

En esta sesión este viernes se explicará cómo hacer [un espectrómetro 3.0](

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How to do upgrade Desktop Spectrometer Kit 2.0 to the version 3.0

by pablo 12 months ago | 1 | 740 | 2

This research note is in progress, I'll update keep updating it. I am preparing a spectrometer...

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The Tools of Open Science, express hands-on workshop in FSCONS 2015

by pablo almost 2 years ago | 0 | 1,204 | 2

I am talking this Saturday November 7th about Public Lab and doing a short hands-on training to b...

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Taller de fotografía aérea en Madrid

by pablo about 2 years ago | 0 | 1,766 | 3

Este fin de semana estaremos desde Basurama haciendo un taller de acercam...

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Presentación de resultados de “Cartografia aèria de barri” en Barcelona

by pablo over 2 years ago | 1 | 3,392 | 4

El sábado 25 de abril 2015 se presentan los resultados de “Cartografía de Barrio”, unos talleres ...

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Talleres de Fotografía de bajo coste desde el aire en Madrid

by pablo over 2 years ago | 2 | 2,613 | 2

Fotografía de bajo coste desde el aire es un proyecto educativo que para enseñar técnicas de ...

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Taller de fotos con globo en Barcelona

by pablo about 3 years ago | 0 | 1,959 | 1

Cuándo: 12.30-15.00 16.00-18.00h. CAMBIO DE HORA. Sábado 25 de octubre 2014 Dónde: Pl. ...

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Talk at the "Emerging ICT for Citizens’ Veillance" workshop in Ispra (Italy)

by pablo over 3 years ago | 0 | 2,984 | 1

Thanks to the workshop [Mapping with balloons in Castellón and building community](http://publicl...

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Mapping with balloons in Castellón and building community (results)

by pablo over 3 years ago | 13 | 4,368 | 5

At Basurama we were invited to participate in an art exhibition in the EA...

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Balloon mapping workshop in Castellón (Spain): opening a local chapter

by pablo almost 4 years ago | 2 | 3,809 | 3

We are starting this project as part of an exhibition in Castellón (Spain) in the EACC (Espai d'...

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Repairing a kite's stick with a fiber glass safety marker

by pablo almost 5 years ago | 0 | 2,783 | 0

One of the sticks of the kite was broken, so we substitute it with a fiber glass safety marker 72...

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