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I believe that learning to make information makes us better consumers of information. I believe that when we make stuff together we build a stronger community. I believe open data is not just access to government records, it is the ability to make our own information.

I have made maps and analyzed data for for nonprofits and foundations for over 15 years. I arm the good guys with strong quantitative arguments.

I am interested in how people use public space. I am interested in monitoring the water quality in the waterways in my community. I want to build cool stuff with curious people. I want to keep learning.

I live in Philadelphia.

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Ignite Philly Talk on Balloon Mapping

by manetomapping almost 4 years ago | 0 | 1,127 | 1

Sean McGinnis and I wanted to share our experience...

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Balloon Mapping Public Space Usage at a Pop-Up Park in Philadelphia

by manetomapping about 4 years ago | 0 | 1,230 | 2

In 2013 the City of Philadelphia turned a parking lot surrounded by a traffic circle (Eakins Ova...

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