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Help collect environmental sensors + probes on a shared list

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Let's work together to compile information on different sensors that could be used across these different platforms. That way, each data logging project doesn't have to develop its own separate documentation for each type of sensor. (above picture of lots of different probes by @shanlter, of the KnowFlow project)

We've started a big list of sensors on the Water Sensors page. But it's by no means comprehensive, and many of the sensors on there are pretty expensive for what the offer -- temperature, for example!

1. Look through these sources to find sensors not on the list

2. Add it to the list

Open the spreadsheet with this link and add your entry in the appropriate section of the main tab. Ask questions in the comments here if you're not sure where it goes!

You don't need to have all the columns filled out -- in fact, note Not sure or need help in fields where you could use some assistance! But please note any URLs you can find so others can help fill out the rest.

Likewise, if you see an empty or marked field and can pitch in, please do so!

3. Don't see the sensor you need?

Are there others you're interested in? Consider the following, and add your own suggestions in the comments:

  • transparency
  • chemical oxygen demand - COD
  • phosphate
  • total dissolved solids - TDS
  • Hardness
  • Lead
  • bacteria
  • fluoride

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